Faculty of Railway Operation and Management

Department of Transport Systems and Logistics (TSL)

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Direction of scientific activity of the Department of  TSL: improvement of work of transport and logistic systems.

Research work of the department

  • improvement of the transport and logistics system, research of freight transportation logistics, intelligent transport systems (Prof. Lomotko D.V.);

  • improvement of the work of railway technical stations, customs operations on transport, rationalization of the functioning of the transport system in international traffic (Prof. Aloshinsky Ye.S.);

  • Theoretical-methodological and practical aspects of estimation of economic efficiency of production and innovative decisions (Associate Professor Balaka Ye.I.);

  • organization of transportation of dangerous goods, interaction of modes of transport (Associated Lychkov D.S.);

  • improvement of the functioning of the transport system in international traffic (associate professor Schuldiner Yu.V.);

  • rationalization of passenger transportation infrastructure, research on demand for transport tourism services (associate professor Primakhenko G.O.);

  • rationalization of passenger transportation infrastructure, research of technology of passenger rail transport in a non-interconnecting, research of questions of logistics of passenger transportation (according to Prymachenko G.O.);

  • improvement of freight traffic within the boundary transport and logistic clusters (Aster Pestremenko-Skrypka O.S.).


Employees of the department prof. Lomotko D.V. and prof. Alyoshinsky Ye.S. are the leading experts of the Technical Committee of the Ukrainian Logistic Alliance, which is part of the European Logistics Alliance.

In recent years, the Department of TSL actively cooperates with various universities in Europe. In particular:
- National Conservatoire of Arts and Crafts (Paris, France) - the organization of training of specialists in high-speed transport;
- Technological and Humanitarian University named after them. K. Pulawski in Radom (Poland) - the organization of training specialists in optimizing logistics and supply chain management systems;
- Silesian Polytechnic (Katowice, Poland) - organization of express logistics; diversification of the market for tourist rail transportation;
- Krakow Polytechnic University named after Tadeusz Kostyushko (Krakow Politechnika, Poland) - Innovation of European Universities Practices in the Field of Sustainable Mobility;
- University Duisburg-Essen (Germany) - the organization of training specialists in clustering logistics activities;
- Dresden Technological University (Germany) - issues of sustainable mobility of regions;
- European Institute for Education (Slovakia) - innovation in the practice of sustainable mobility of education workers, etc.

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