Anatolii Sydorenko

Position: Postgraduate

Science degree, academic title:

Year of birth: 1994


In 2016 graduated from the Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport with a degree in 141 “Electrical Energetics, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics”, master’s degree in electrical energetics, electrical engineering and electromechanics (educational program “Electric Transport”).

Scientific activity direction:

Improving the energy efficiency of the traction power consumption of electric rolling stock.


Author of 5 scientific papers.

Awards and diplomas:

Featured publications:

  1. Yatsko, S., Sytnik, B., Vashchenko, Y., Sidorenko, A., Liubarskyi, B., Veretennikov, I., Glebova, M. (2019). Comprehensive approach to modeling dynamic processes in the system of underground rail electric traction. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 1 (9 (97)), 48–57. DOI: (Scopus)
  2. Yatsko, A. Sidorenko, Ya. Vashchenko, B. Lyubarskyi, B. Yeritsyan. Method to Improve the Efficiency of the Traction Rolling Stock with Onboard Energy Storage. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL of RENEWABLE  ENERGY  RESEARCH,  Vol.9, No.2, June, 2019  (Scopus)
  3. Serhiy Yatsko, Yaroslav Vashchenko, Anatoliy Sydorenko. Development of strategies for reducing traction energy consumption by electric rolling stock, JCPEE. 2019; Volume 9, Number 1: pp. 44-51
  4. Сидоренко А. Моделювання тягового-енергетичних процесів у системі електричної тяги, Збірник наукових праць ДУІТ. Серія «Транспортні системи і технології», 2020. Bun. 35. DOI:
  5. Mezitis, V. Panchenko, S. Yatsko, Y. Vashchenko, A. Sidorenko, and Z. Sansyzbajeva, “Selection of mathematical model of on-board capacity energy storage as element of hybrid traction unit of motor car rolling stock,” Journal of Measurements in Engineering, May 2021.