Student projects and science

Head of the Department

Anatolii Kargin

Head of the Department, Dr.Sci.Tech., Professor

building 2, floor2, room 201

Student IT projects, developments and science throughout the period of study in the bachelor’s and master’s degree are concentrated in the course work: one course work per semester. Students are offered a comprehensive project where they learn to work in a team, which is required by a modern employer in the field of IT.

Complexity involves the integration of several models, methods and technologies within one project. For example, sensory information processing models involved in cognitive psychology (processing in the human brain) are combined with robot movement control models and wireless communication technologies between a computer and a built-in processor. This allows you to see on the monitor screen in the dynamics of information processing in the “brain” work in the form of changing the color of the granular structure.

Graduate students of the department study in the specialty 126 “Information systems and technologies”, conduct research of intelligent information technologies.