Accounting, audit and taxation of commercial activities

Code: 40406

Specialty: 071 Accounting and taxation

Faculty: Faculty of «Economics»

IEE: OEE (Foreign language), Professional exam,

Passing score of past years: 200

License volume / Number of budget seats: -

Training period: 1y 4m

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 18600

Training form: full

Training period: 1.4 years / 3 semesters – 90 credits

Educational level: master

Introduction year: 2021

Guarantor of the Educational Program

Orlova Viktoriia Mykolaivna

Goals of the Educational Programme

are gaining specific knowledge on tax and strategic aspects of solving complex specialized tasks based on research and innovation in the uncertainty and complexity of the business environment with deep use of modern accounting, analytical and control procedures in the format of information and communication technologies.

Recipients of the Educational Programme

are graduates of general secondary education institutions who dream about such occupations as:
• Accounting for commercial transactions of companies and individuals
• Preparation or audit of financial accounts
• Checking invoices and confirming their accuracy
• Preparation of tax returns for private companies
• Providing onsulting services and services for the representation of clients in the tax authorities

Professional Competences of the Educational Programme:

– stable and decent earnings due to the constant demand for specialists;
– development of logical thinking;
– developing skills for learning and continuous improvement;
– improving self-discipline;
– awareness of changes in legislation;
– communication with various interesting and skilled people.

Employment Opportunities:

– an independent specialist with the provision of accounting services,
– administration of tax and other reporting;
– auditor (external auditor);
– forensic accounting expert both at the enterprise level and in the relevant ones;
– state bodies;
– chief accountant;
– specialist in management accounting;
– CFO;
– commercial director;
– tax inspector;
– inspector in the financial departments of the Treasury, financial inspections;
– an employee of a bank of any department (from an ordinary operator to the head of the bank);
– a teacher in an educational institution (after receiving a master’s degree in the educational program “Accounting and Taxation”).

Additional Information:

a person with a master’s degree in accounting and taxation can also obtain a doctorate in postgraduate studies. Admission on the basis of a master’s degree in accounting and taxation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy is based on the results of entrance examinations.