Finance and Global Market Trading

Code: 1472

Specialty: 072 Finance, Banking and Insurance

Faculty: Faculty of «Economics»

IEE: Ukrainian language and literature, Professional exam, Maths or History of Ukraine or Geography or Physics or Chemistry or Foreign language

Passing score of past years: 100

License volume / Number of budget seats: -

Training period: 2y 10m

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 14350

Training form: shortened

Training period: Undergraduate level
on the basis of the educational and qualification level of a junior specialist or a bachelor - 2 years 10 months / 6 semesters

Educational level: bachelor

Introduction year: 2021

Goals of the Educational Programme

Goal of the Educational Programme is to develop the analytical skills necessary for trading and forecasting changes in the global financial market, the flexibility and speed of making managerial decisions, personal qualities for conducting international business in a cross-cultural environment, strategic innovative thinking that will contribute to the development of professional skills in financial management.

Recipients of the Educational Programme

The program is addressed to applicants interested in gaining knowledge in the field of financial transactions, international financial systems, exchange trading, the use of modern financial instruments; brokerage, insurance, etc.

Professional Competences of the Educational Programme:

The structure of the program allows students to understand the essence of the functioning of the international financial market, the features of the work of professional traders, get acquainted with the best management practices that will contribute to a comprehensive solution to modern pressing business problems in the face of constant changes in the global financial environment.

We study the basic principles of exchange trading;develop knowledge of trading systems; necessary practical skills are provided for conducting a business assessment, ensuring its financial and economic security; risk management; protecting enterprises from raiding and hostile takeovers, developing relations with investors;. the necessary knowledge is provided on the latest technologies for managing information flows of banking and other financial structures in the context of international operations, etc.

Employment Opportunities

Work as a manager in financial activities, a professional in the field of audit, accounting, labor and employment, marketing, enterprise efficiency, rationalization of production and intellectual property, a professional in the sale of securities, a professional in asset management, etc.

Additional Information

  • new certified courses have been introduced into the educational program (including with the involvement of financial practitioners in teaching);
  • the holding on a regular basis of lectures, meetings, roundtables and master classes with the top-level financiers, practitioners, directors of financial institution;
  • student participation in the annual All-Ukrainian festival of innovations, the All-Ukrainian competition “Financial Literacy”, and the competition of startup projects;
  • activity of the student scientific club “Financial Analyst”;
  • participation of students in profile events of educational and research character: professional olympiads, congresses, forums, conferences of all-Ukrainian and international scales;
  • students have to practice and internship in financial departments and services of leading enterprises in various sectors and industries, banking institutions, insurance companies, financial market organizations, government agencies.