Geodesy, Land Management and Cadastre

Code: 32842

Specialty: 193 Geodesy and Land Management

Faculty: Faculty of «Construction»

IEE: Ukrainian language and literature, Maths, Professional exam, History of Ukraine or Geography or Physics or Chemistry or Foreign language

Passing score of past years: 100

License volume / Number of budget seats: /7

Training period: 2y 10m

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 13800

Training form: shortened

Training period: І - bachelors degree
on the basis of the educational qualification level of a junior specialist
or a bachelor's degree - 2 year 10 months / 6 semesters

Educational level: bachelor

Introduction year: 2021

Goals of the Educational Programme

«Geodesy, Land Management and Cadastre» Speciality 193 “Geodesy and Land Management” is the training of highly qualified specialists of the first level of bachelor’s education. Professional training involves the formation of such skills and abilities that will allow the specialist to independently solve complex issues of land use organization, development of land management projects and design of environmental measures, monitoring and state control over the rational use and protection of land, using modern information technologies for processing information about the state of land resources and their use.

Recipients of the Educational Programme

The educational and professional program is aimed at providing theoretical, practical and scientific training of highly qualified personnel who would acquire deep solid knowledge to perform professional tasks of research and innovation in the field of land relations., ability to independent research and production activities in the conditions of higher educational institutions of different levels of accreditation, in research institutions and enterprises of land management and geodetic profile.

Emphasis is placed on in-depth knowledge in the field of land management and cadastre, as well as the ability to use them for territorial formation, valuation, registration of real estate and rights to them, their accounting, land use planning and management in the field of land use, including research on this topic. The program is focused on research on current issues of geodesy and land management.

The program develops promising areas of project development and programs in the field of spatial planning, evaluation, registration of real estate and rights to them, their accounting, land use planning and management in the field of land use and more.

Scientific program provides skills and abilities, the ability to apply knowledge and different opportunities:

  • ability to use in-depth theoretical and fundamental knowledge to effectively solve complex specialized problems and practical problems during professional activities in the field of geodesy and land management or in the learning process;
  • ability to abstract thinking, analysis and synthesis;
  • ability to search, process and analyze information from various sources;
  • ability to master the basic didactic principles of pedagogical technologies and the process of pedagogical design;
  • ability to use foreign languages in professional activities;
  • promoting the assimilation of ideological, cultural, moral values;
  • ability to formalize labor relations, resolve labor disputes;
  • ability to develop, design and manage land cadastre projects;
  • drafting and filing an application for an invention (patent).

Employment Opportunities

Surveyor, chief surveyor, head of expedition (geological, geological exploration, research, industrial, topographic and geodetic, etc.), land surveyor and other positions related to the work in the system of land management, research and design institutes of land management, institutions of higher and vocational education, as well as commercial activities for land management, geodetic works, consulting services, appraisal activities, the activities of real estate agencies.

Additional Information

Land management, state land cadastre, geodesy, land resources management, land valuation, geosystem environmental monitoring. Aimed at providing theoretical, practical training of highly qualified personnel, which would acquire an innovative character in the field of land relations, the ability to work independently at enterprises of land management and geodetic profile.

Technical – the ability to monitor the condition of lands; ability to organize and perform work on registration of cadastral data in GIS; ability to perform a qualitative assessment of land for the rational use of agricultural land.

Engineering – the ability to determine the rights and responsibilities of the state registrar; ability to determine the general procedure for using the State Register of Real Estate Rights; ability to determine the requirements for documents submitted for state registration of rights to immovable property and which come from the state registration authorities;; ability to implement and operate cadastral GIS; the ability to optimize the cadastral support of works in the allocation of land.

Organizational – meeting the needs of territorial development of business structures in the city; ensuring the preservation and reproduction of land resources; ability to administer cadastral databases in GIS; ability to enter into a license agreement; ability to assess agro-climatic resources of territories of different taxonomic rank for economic decisions; organization of classification of natural and anthropogenic landscapes.

Management – the ability to assess financial performance, solvency, provision of material and personnel resources; ability to substantiate the priority areas of land management and development of the urban district; ability to determine the principles of land management with different land regimes; the ability to provide guidance to the work of performers and departments to automate the processing of cadastral data; ability to set up constituent documents, registration of business entities, obtaining licenses, concluding and executing business agreements; ability to manage works on assessment and classification of land resources, characteristics of their condition and changes in time and space.

Project – the ability to develop sections of the terms of reference for the creation of cadastral GIS; ability to perform microclimatic zoning of the territory and large-scale mapping of agroclimatic indicators for the placement of crops. According to the current classification of economic activities in Ukraine DK 009: 2010 graduates who have been certified by the educational program have the opportunity to work in the following specialties:

  • design engineer (development of land management projects);
  • researcher (topographic and geodetic support of cadastral works);
  • land management and cadastre engineer;
  • research engineer in the field of cadastre.