Intelligent machines

Code: 17439

Specialty: 151 Automatization and Computer-Integrated Technologies

Faculty: Faculty of «Information and Control Systems and Technologies»

IEE: Ukrainian language and literature, Maths, History of Ukraine or Foreign language

Passing score of past years: 146.52

License volume / Number of budget seats: 10/10

Training period: 3y. 10m

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 13800

Training form: full

Training period: І – bachelor's degree
on the basis of complete general secondary education - 3 years 10 months / 8 semesters

Educational level: bachelor

Introduction year: 2020

Goals of the Educational Programme

Recently, the demand for IT specialists, which are demanded by Industry 4.0, has grown significantly. The market requires specialists of a new formation. Changes occur in all industries and companies, IT specialists are constantly needed to develop new products, support new markets and new services related to intelligent data processing, intelligent touch systems, smart machines and the Internet of Things. Today, scientists, engineers and programmers aim to create smart machines and the Internet of Things that combine household items, sensory information processing technologies, web technologies, design and programming with artificial intelligence methods and models, theories of cognitive sciences and the latest advances in information processing in the human’s brain. This is the tomorrow of our environment, but it is being created today. The world’s leading IT firms have focused on these promising projects. These projects require more and more specially trained specialists. The purpose of the educational program is to train specialists with skills in designing complex digital solutions and intelligent information technologies to create components of the Internet of Things and smart machines, intelligent sensory data processing, programming of M2M interaction between intelligent systems and components of the Internet of Things, wireless transmission information from sensors on the Internet, data processing and storage in cloud structures and intelligent analysis of large amounts of data.

Recipients of the Educational Programme

Many students, even from the first grade, know what an i-vacuum cleaner is, how to control toy drones, propellers or cars, how to set up a modern toy robot to dance or manipulate hands. All students know “EVERYTHING” about computers and the Internet. Where anyone is interested in technology, they can assemble a robot, such as LEGO, connect a microprocessor, sensors, web-camera and even program it all. Others spend a lot of time on the Internet and are interested in modern systems that expand the capabilities of the computer and the Internet, which make the computer world look more realistic and feel the presence of computer characters. If one of these students dreams not only of being a professional user, but also a professional in creating new smarter things, programs or even systems to make their smart machine the smartest and most interesting, then mastering the educational program “Artificial Intelligence Technology” they are guaranteed to achieve their dreams.

Professional Competences of the Educational Programme:

Basic training in accordance with the standard of higher education in the specialty “Information Systems and Technologies” is expanded by the following special training.

Cycle of training in programming and software development

  • Languages: Python, C ++, C #, C, SQL, Java,, JavaScriptR, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, UML;
  • Technologies for developing Windows, Linux, Android, iOS applications (desktop, mobile, web);
  • Cloud services Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Google;
  • Development tools for Arduino, RaspberryPi and esp;
  • Solutions for processing databases, knowledge bases, BigData;
  • Designing systems using IBM products;
  • Information security support solutions.

Artificial intelligence training cycle

  • Artificial neural networks;
  • Fuzzy systems;
  • Machine and deep learning;
  • Knowledge engineering;
  • Evolutionary systems;
  • Data mining.

Training cycle on technologies for the development of smart machines and the Internet of Things

  • Theory of intellectual, cognitive and emotional machines;
  • Technologies for creating applications for sensor systems;
  • Control systems for mobile devices, drones, robots;
  • Technologies for creating applications for the Internet of Things.

Training cycle on large data processing technology

  • Organization of data in cloud computing systems;
  • Analysis of large amounts of data;
  • Data search in heterogeneous environments;
  • Interaction of applications and large amounts of data.

Employment Opportunities

World leaders in the field of information technology, such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, Amazon and others, their offices around the world annually need tens of thousands of qualified specialists to develop systems such as smart home, office, city. In the next five to ten years, this demand for professionals will increase many times in line with the trend of society. The need of the EU countries for 2022 is estimated at 450,000 new jobs in the field of intellectual IT, 300,000 experts on the Internet of things and the same number on the analysis of large data. Domestic industry, focused on Western technologies, already today needs a lot of specialists who are able to support high-tech and intelligent industries. Over time, intellectual production complexes will prevail in the economies of developed countries.

Additional Information

In its development in a very short time, artificial intelligence has given rise to the technology of knowledge engineering, without which it is difficult to imagine modern intelligent software products, computational intelligence, which today solves many problems in economics, society and technology. Thanks to modern advances in electronics, there are cheap microprocessor and sensor systems associated with wireless technology between themselves and the World Wide Web. This allowed a new technological level to move to the creation of intelligent systems. Today, society is on the brink of a new fourth digital revolution. Smart cars, smart homes and smart cities, the Internet of Things – this is a promising area of ​​application of artificial intelligence technologies. And this is not a distant prospect, but today, and not only for foreign countries, but also for us Kharkiv residents. Students of the Department of Information Technology have a unique opportunity for Ukraine from the first year to start creating their own smart learning machine and a fragment of the Internet of Things in laboratory and course work. In the laboratories of the department all the conditions for acquiring skills in designing integrated digital solutions. The acquired knowledge and skills are consolidated in the implementation of bachelor’s, master’s and dissertation qualifications, the topics of which are related to projects of future railway systems, such as smart car, intelligent train, smart platform and others. Student IT projects and research throughout undergraduate and graduate programs focus on a comprehensive project where they learn to work in a team, which is required by a modern employer in the field of IT. In the treasury of developments of the department there are models of modern systems of built-in artificial intelligence.