Organisation of control system of train traffic

Code: 32834

Specialty: 273 Railway Transport

Faculty: Faculty of «Information and Control Systems and Technologies»

IEE: Ukrainian language and literature, Maths, Professional exam, History of Ukraine or Physics or Foreign language

Passing score of past years: 100

License volume / Number of budget seats: /15

Training period: 2y 10m

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 13800

Training form: shortened

Training period: І - undergraduate
on the basis of blessed and qualified youth rivals of a junior bachelor's degree
(budget / contract, 2 rooks 10 ms. / 6 semesters)

Educational level: bachelor

Introduction year: 2021

Goals of the Educational Programme

The goal of academic activity on the study program is assimilation of organization’s methodology and control of operations and maintenance of the train control system(TCS) on the trunk, commercial, railway transport and subway. Range of the TCS has broad portfolio that crosses with common industrial controls of automation equipment and computer integrated technologies. Organization of the service department of the modern TCS based on the automation equipment of the transport’s critical infrastructure with the use of
computer integrated technologies is compelling need of Ukrainian economy. TCS includes
 control system and safety of train movements that generally divide on terminal and wayside. During the education studied and applied  modern technologies and practices in control railroad switch and bell on the station, automatic and semi-automatic movement blocking  during the haul, signal autoregulatory with considering automatic engine-handling, centralized dispatching control and automatic level crossing safety installation control.
Technical assistance of TCS has difficult temporary and space structure which defines inspection of it’s arrangement as in dynamic(process of service department  formation with service and  piloting centers) as in statics(process of continuities and wear hardness’s sustaining). Special attention given to the advisory services’  assignment to the customer of TCS during the choice of the TCS’s means provider according to implementation and exploitation taking into account the modern formalization of technical ontogenesis.

During the education student assimilates both as fundamental sciences and professionally oriented engineering, management and economic sciences. Special attention is paid to the formation of an individual learning path with the ability to choose specific disciplines of both formal and non-formal education. During training, a dual form is possible, providing for the acquisition of specific practical skills set at partner enterprises within the framework of triangular agreements. Not least, attention is paid to the formation of a patriotic personality and general worldview.

Recipients of the Educational Programme

The educational program is aimed at applicants for higher education of an engineering level, in the European and North American space it is defined as a signal engineer, senior signal engineer, who connect their current or future professional activities with the operation and maintenance of modern TCS and the corresponding railway consulting as trunk and commercial, as well as in the subways, with the possibility of the formation of integrated automation and computerization in other areas of human activity.

The professional sphere of the educational program graduates concerns, first of all, the implementation of the integrated organization of control and management at all stages of the TCS life cycle in trunk, industrial transport and subways of Ukraine, the EU and North America.

Professional Competences of the Educational Programme

  • ability to think critically in unusual situations, making rational engineering, scientific and managerial decisions;
  • ability to organize the engineering-production process of service units related to maintenance and support of the TCS forms of both public and private ownership;
  • ability to develop terms of reference according to customer requirements when providing consulting services and implement technical solutions of the development, design and implementation of TCS for various purposes, implemented on an arbitrary element base (microprocessor, relay-microprocessor, relay, etc.);
  • ability to work with basic computer-assisted systems (CAD, CAE) with their usting during the preparation engineering design and / or operating instructions using TCS tools for the provision of service and consulting services (ЕPlan, AutoCAD );
  • ability to maintain and application software for computer-integrated TCS for various purposes;
  • knowledge of the principles and rules for the development of TCS hardware and technology (microprocessor object controllers, input-output modules, telemetry devices), the ability to apply them;
  • knowledge of the basic regulatory and technical and exploitative documents related to the implementation, operation, exploitation and maintenance of TCS;
  • knowledge of the method of finding the causes of failures and damage of TCS and ability to apply them in practice;
  • knowledge and skills in the field of investigation of transport accidents (accidents, catastrophes, incidents, serious incidents, etc.), including research of archival information of recording TCS functioning means;
  • knowledge and skills in the field of technical expertise and certification of TCS, operated or implemented in rail transport;
  • knowledge of methods for calculating basic quantities of TCS functioning (electrical characteristics, reliability and functional safety indicators, etc.) and ability to apply them in practice);
  • knowledge and skills in the field of applied scientific research in the area of TCS, including mathematical, simulation and physical modeling, testing, expert assessments and other scientific methods.

Employment Opportunities

Wide employment opportunities for applicants for an educational program related to work at enterprises, institutions and organizations related to the development, consulting and implementation of TCS, information technology, the public service in the field of transport, connections and other manufacturing areas:

  • in drawing-and-designing and scientific-research railway organizations;
  • in linear railway transport enterprises related to the operation, maintenance, maintenance and repair of TCS;
  • at civil enterprises and institutions of different spheres, where information technologies and integrated automation are used;
  • in the public service related to guidance of the transport complex, telecommunications and information technology.

Additional Information

Graduate chair “Automatization and Computer-Integrated Technologies “, which ensures the implementation of education by the educational program, has close scientific and industrial relations with many specialized enterprises, institutions and organizations. A large part of the chair teachers combines scientific and pedagogical activities at the university with the production activities of the respective enterprises in their specialty, applying the scientific developments of the university in practice. Only in Kharkov there are more than 20 specialized developmental and survey enterprises and organizations (Ukrainian branch of the Bombardier Transportation Company, RPE “SATEP”, SPA “Zheldoravtomatika”, a branch of “Design and Survey Institute of Railway Transport” PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsya”, JSC “Khartron “, etc.), where students can take a paid internship, applying knowledge in practice during training. Due to close cooperation with manufacture, our students do not have problems with employment and they are guaranteed to get the first workplace (in most cases, during studying) with respectable salary.

Chair actively work together with foreign partners, in particular through the University’s Center for International Cooperation. A large amount of graduates works in their specialties in leading foreign companies, including the USA, Australia, Israel, Germany.