Railway installations and rail transport operations

Code: 1130

Specialty: 273 Rail transport

Faculty: Faculty of «Construction»

IEE: Ukrainian language and literature, Maths, Physics or Foreign language

Passing score of past years: 107.26

License volume / Number of budget seats: 35

Training period: 3y. 10m.

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 13800

Training form: full

Training period: І - bachelor's degree
based on complete general secondary education – 3 years and 10 months / 8 semesters

Educational level: bachelor

Introduction year: 2021

Guarantor of the Educational Program

Guarantor of the EP “Railway installations and rail transport operations” – c.t.s., docent D.O. Potapov

Goals of the Educational Programme

Acquiring knowledge, skills and abilities with seeking, design, construction, operational, reconstruction, waste, maintenance of infrastructure and systems to regional of the railways, including for high-speed rail line.

Recipients of the Educational Programme

The programme addressed to applicants, genuinely interested in future professional activity in the field research, engineering design, building, operation, reconstruction, recycling, maintenance objects and system of main railway, especially concerning, those that involve railway track, rail transport operations, man-made structures (bridges and tunnels, culverts), methods and means of quality control of construction and repair works, works performed with the current content of the railway track and man-made structures, methods and technical means of condition monitoring of the railway track and man-made structures. Appropriate attention the program is paid to questions of safety of movement of trains, incorporating the peculiarities of psychological perception information by a person and its practices in non-nominal conditions and in emergency situations.

Professional Competences of the Educational Programme:

  • ability to conduct professional activities in social interaction based on humanistic and moral principles;
  • ability to comply with the requirements of labor protection, safety, fire safety and sanitary-hygienic regime in the implementation of professional activities;
  • ability to carry out professional activities using modern information technologies, information databases, navigation systems, Internet resources, software and information and communication technologies;
  • ability to adhere to ethical standards of communication in professional interaction with colleagues, work effectively in a team;
  • ability to plan and implement professional activities based on legal and regulatory acts of Ukraine, Rules of technical operation of Railways of Ukraine, instructions and recommendations for the operation, repair and maintenance of railway transport facilities, their systems and elements;
  • ability to perform engineering calculations of railway infrastructure facilities and systems, to ensure the necessary quality and compliance with the technology for performing track and construction works
  • works with the use of modern track and construction equipment, as well as use modern
  • approaches in engineering, hydrometric and geotechnical works, including the design, construction and operation of high-speed railway lines.

Employment Opportunities

Bachelor in the educational program “Railway structures and track management” can carry out their professional activities in the regional branches of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsya”, as well as in other enterprises, organizations, institutions subordinate to the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine, enterprises, organizations, institutions of various forms of ownership related to design, production and technological activities in the field of research, design, construction, operation, reconstruction, utilization, maintenance of objects and systems of main railway transport. Can hold the following positions: track master, tunnel master, bridge master, distance master (civil structures, track distance), foreman (dismissed) for the current maintenance and repair of tracks and artificial structures, site master for flaw detection, production site master, site master for flaw detection, foreman (dismissed), signalman, and others.

Additional Information

After successful completion of the educational program graduates have the right to receive a master’s degree in the specialty 273 « Railway transport ».