Plugin Andrii A.

Position: Head of the department

Science degree, academic title: Doctor of Science, Professor

Year of birth: 1963


Railway engineer – builder (1985, specialty “Construction of railways, track and track facilities”, Kharkiv Institute of Railway Engineers);
Candidate of Technical Sciences (PhD, 1994, specialty “Building materials and products”, dissertation “Improvement of the composition and structure of concrete, taking into account the electrical properties of its components to increase the strength and stability of products of the circular section”, defended at the Kharkiv Engineering and Construction Institute, scientific supervisor – DSc, Prof V.I.Babushkin (1930-2007), laureate of the State Prize of the USSR and the State Prize of the Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine);
Docent (Associate Professor, 1996, Building Materials and Products Department);
Doctor of technical sciences (DSc, 2006, specialty “Building materials and products”, dissertation “The durability of concrete and reinforced concrete in watered structures: Colloidal-chemical bases” defended the Kharkiv State Technical University of Construction and Architecture, scientific advisor – DSc, Prof V.I.Babushkin);
Professor (2008, Building Materials and Structures Department).

Scientific activity direction:

development of theoretical and experimental bases of composition, structure, properties, destruction, corrosion, durability, technology of concrete and reinforced concrete, restoration of operational properties and protection of building structures and railway track


Author of more than 310 scientific works, including 15 monographs, 25 patents for inventions, 18 educational and methodological developments, including 8 textbooks, many normative documents: national standards, state and industry building codes, technical specifications of Ukraine, instructions, rules of Ukrainian Railways

Awards and diplomas:

Gratitude of the Minister of Transport and Communications of Ukraine (2007); Certificate of Merit of the State Administration of Railway Transport of Ukraine (2009); The sign “Railway Glory” III degree (2010); Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine (2011); Diploma of the Transport Academy of Ukraine (2012); The sign “For the promotion of railway transport” (2013); Certificate of Merit of the South-Western Railway (2015); Memorable sign “150 years to the railway troops” (2015); Gratitude of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine (2018); Winner of the Academician M.S.Budnikov Academy of Construction of Ukraine Prize (2019); Winner of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Prise (2019)

Featured publications:

  1. Плугін, А.А. Аналіз матеріалів і складів бетону для виробництва залізобетонних шпал на підприємствах України / А.А.Плугін, О.В.Романеннко, О.А.Калінін, О.А.Плугін, О.В.Афанасьєв, А.І.Бабій // Зб. наук. праць УкрДАЗТ. – 2015. – Вип.151. – Т.2. – С.152-162.
  2. Плугін, А.А. Склади бетону з добавками суперпластифікаторами і прискорювачами твердіння для виробництва залізобетонних шпал без пропарювання / А.А.Плугін, О.В.Романенко, А.І.Бабій, О.А.Калінін, О.А.Плугін // Зб. наук. праць УкрДУЗТ. – 2015. – Вип.155. – С.62-72.
  3. Плугін, А.А. Досвід експлуатації пружних рейкових скріплень типу PRS і залізобетонних шпал із ними / А.А.Плугін, А.М.Плугін, С.В.Мірошніченко, О.А.Калінін, В.А.Лютий, Ю.Л.Тулей // Українські залізниці. – 2015. – №3-4. – С.60-64.
  4. Плугін, Д.А. Захист об’єктів транспортної інфраструктури від електричних і вібраційних впливів наземного рейкового транспорту // Д.А.Плугін, А.А.Плугін, О.С.Борзяк, О.В.Палант, О.М.Савченко // Науковий вісник будівництва, Т.90, №4, 2017. – С.250-254.
  5. Plugin, A. Independent diagnostic computer systems with the ability to restore operational character- istics of construction facilities / Andrii Plugin, Liudmyla Trykoz, Oleh Herasymenko, Anton Pluhin, Vitaliy Konev // Diagnostyka, 2018, Vol. 19, No. 2, p. 13-23. DOI: 10.29354/diag/83009
  6. Касьянов В.В. Електропровідні покриття на основі портландцементу для захисту від електрокорозії і ремонту конструкцій та споруд залізниць / В.В.Касьянов, А.А.Плугін // удівництво, матеріалознавство, машинознавство. – 2018. – Вип.104. –  С.151-159.
  7. Palant O. Use of liners made of concrete on quartz aggregates and polyurethane composition to re duce vibration, noise and improve the stability of tramway track / Olena Palant, Dmytro Plugin, Andrii Plugin, Alexey Lobiak, and Oleksii Pluhin // Matec Web of Conferences, V.230, 03014 (2018), 9 pp.
  8. Lobiak A. Modelling of motorway bridge spans under modernization with consideration of rheological properties of the materials / Alexey Lobiak, Andrii Plugin, Larisa Kravtsiv, and Oksana Kovalova // Matec Web of Conferences, V.234, 04004 (2018), 5 pp.
  9.  Плугін, А.А. Деформативні властивості ґрунтополімерного композита: Методика експериментальних досліджень / А.А. Плугін, С.В. Мірошніченко, А.С. Звєрєва, І.В. Резніченко // Зб. наук. праць УкрДУЗТ. – 2018. – Вип. 182. – С.44-52.
  10. Plugin A.A., Plugin D.A., Pluhin O.A., Borziak O.S. (2020) The Influence of the Molecular Structure of Polyurethane on Vibro- and Electroinsulation Properties of the Tramway Structures. In: Blikharskyy Z., Koszelnik P., Mesaros P. (eds) Proceedings of CEE 2019. CEE 2019. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol 47. Springer, Cham.
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