Lutsenko Alla Leonidivna

Feiierbakh Square 1/3

The Preparatory Department for foreign citizens and stateless persons is a structural subdivision of the Academic and Scientific Centre of International Cooperation and Education of UkrSURT.

The activities of the Preparatory Department are aimed at carrying out educational activities in preparation for the admission of foreign citizens and stateless persons to the Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport and educational institutions of Ukraine, which are based on:

  • study of the Ukrainian language as the most important means of communication, cognition and tools for obtaining specialities
  • study of special disciplines in a non-native language of training in accordance with curricula and syllabi
  • socio-psychological, socio-cultural, linguistic adaptation of foreign citizens to the learning environment in educational institutions of Ukraine

Foreign students from Morocco, Turkey, Nigeria, Jordan, Tunisia, Azerbaijan, Ghana, Egypt, Iran, Tanzania, Algeria, Libya, Congo, China and other countries study at the preparatory department of the Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport.

At the stage of pre-university training at the Preparatory Department, the main goal is to form knowledge, skills and abilities sufficient for further successful training of foreign citizens and stateless persons in higher education institutions of Ukraine, as well as creating all necessary conditions for rapid adaptation of foreigners and stateless persons in a new socio-cultural environment.

During a training period at the Preparatory Department, students have an opportunity to participate in the student life of the University, to join the educational and scientific work, to learn about the leading departments of the University.

All the students are provided with accommodation in a University hostel.