Research work of the department


Pozdnjakova Lubov

Doctor of Economics, Professor

Building 3, floor 2, office 204,216

The department was actively involved in scientific and research work commissioned by the Southern and Donetsk Railway, Ukrzaliznytsia and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. By order of Ukrzaliznytsia and its structural subdivisions, the following topics were carried out:

  1. № State registration 0110U004890 Proposals to improve the efficiency of the use of freight cars of different forms of ownership in the new conditions (for CIS countries)
  2. SR 0111U006254 Motivation of labor activity as a factor in improving the efficiency of the staff of railway transport enterprises
  3. SR 0111U009114 Definition and justification of reduction of operating costs due to introduction of new technologies for servicing telecommunication equipment
  4. SR 0108U007787 Research of existing systems of technological wired and radio communication and feasibility study of their modernization for speeding conditions
  5. SR 0111U002601 Development of a methodology for determining the cost of transportation of wagons of various forms of ownership.
  6. SR 0111U007547 Development of a methodology for determining the fee for the provision of services to companies-operators of transportation.
  7. SR 0111U008631 Development of a methodology for calculating the cost of transportation of goods by enterprises of PPZT.
  8. SR 0107U000345 Financial restructuring under the conditions of reform on railway transport in Ukraine

Based on the research results, 15 candidate dissertations were defended, textbooks, manuals and monographs were written.

Within the framework of the European International Program “Tempus”, the department was a co-author of the development of a package of scientific and methodological documents for the training of masters of engineering specialties according to the module “Personnel Management” for specialists of high-speed railway connection in Ukraine (Mie GVF).

In the context of the current economic situation of the country and transformation processes in railway transport, the department plans to prepare the following research works on the order of organizations:

  1. Business and administration as part of industry reform
  2. Personnel management in modern conditions
  3. Development of the methodology of the fee rate for the use of freight cars.
  4. Conducting sociological research.
  5. Calculation of break-even point of transportation in modern conditions.
  6. The use of modern methods in labor economics.
  7. Personnel management of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  8. Development of business plans of business enterprises
  9. Rationing of production processes in railway transport and in business.
  10. Development of a reform strategy for railway transport in modern conditions.
  11. Calculation of the fee for the use of a working fleet of wagons of different forms of ownership.

The department actively cooperates with scientific journals “Wagon Park” (Kharkiv), “Ukrainian Railway” (Dnipro), “Railway Transport” (Kyiv), ” Railway Transport” (Moscow), “Railway Transport and its Infrastructure” (Gomel, Belarus), ” Railway transport” (NYZHT, Novosibirsk), where the results of scientific researches of teachers of the department are published.

According to the materials of scientific researches, the staff of the Department “Economics, Business and Personnel Management in Transport” published 15 monographs, more than 135 articles in professional journals and made 127 reports at international conferences. According to the results of the latter, 126 theses of reports were published.

The department pays attention to the research work of students. In particular, to ensure consistility in the development of research topics, members of the scientific student society of the department are actively involved in the study of current problems.

The department prepares scientific personnel of the third (educational and scientific) level, which provides for the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences and Doctor of Economics in the specialties 08.00.03 – “Economics and management of national economy” and 08.00.04 – “Economics and management of enterprises (by types of economic activity)”. The postgraduate course is successfully managed by Doctor of Economics, Professor Pozdnjakova L.O, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor Zherdev M.D.