Research work of the department


Iraida Zaitseva

Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor

Building 3, floor 5, office 519

Scientific and practical directions of research of teachers of the department public and corporate finance management:

  • management of financial flows of a non-state pension fund created for railway transport workers;
  • creation of a model of social protection of railway transport workers;
  • forecasting prices in financial markets based on stock exchange information;
  • formation of the mechanism of insurance services related to railway transportation;
  • investment risk management of the financial and credit institution;
  • ways to ensure the financial stability of insurance companies;
  • financial policy of socio-economic development of railway transport enterprises;
  • management of the financial potential of the region in the context of budget policy of Ukraine;
  • pricing of banking products taking into account the economic value;
  • creation of a mechanism for financial security of business entities;
  • formation of a portfolio of securities and diversification of risks associated with investments in stock market instruments;
  • development of financial strategy of the enterprise.