Railcars and Railcar Facilities

Code: 33234

Specialty: 273 Railway Transport

Faculty: Faculty of «Mechanical and Energy»

IEE: OEE (Foreign language), Professional exam,

Passing score of past years: 200

License volume / Number of budget seats: -

Training period: 1y. 9 m.

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 15700

Training form: full

Training period: on the basis of bachelor diploma – 1 year 9 months / 4 terms.

Educational level: master of science

Introduction year: 2021

Guarantor of the Educational Program

Vyacheslav Volodymyrovych Bondarenko

Goals of the Educational Programme

The goal of the Educational Programme is to obtain in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge, abilities, skills and other competences sufficient for the effective implementation of innovative tasks in the field of design, manufacture, operation, maintenance and repair of non-traction rail rolling stock, as well as the development of new knowledge to solve professional problems. The educational and scientific program necessarily includes a research (scientific) component.

Learning goals:

– training of specialists capable of comprehensive solving of complex specialized scientific, applied, practical problems of a research and/or innovative nature characterized by the complexity and uncertainty of the conditions in the field of design, manufacture, operation, maintenance and repair of non-traction rail rolling stock;

– providing the possibility of creative personal self-actualization by creating an educational environment inspiring self-understanding, formation of self-esteem, self-development, based on academic freedom, mobility, good faith and student-centred education;

-. acquisition of social skills in business communication, management as an element of professional activity of a specialist.

Object of study: the life cycle processes of railway facilities (non-traction rail rolling stock).

Students in the Educational Programme

The educational program will be interesting for those who plan to commit themselves to the design, manufacture, repair, maintenance and operation of modern passenger and cargo cars; to conduct research in this area; for those who seek to master one of the most important and classic professions of railway transport – mechanical engineer of non-traction rail rolling stock. This is especially true now, when the links of three international transport corridors Europe-Asia will be laid across the territory of independent Ukraine. Therefore, it is quite understandable that passenger and cargo high-speed rolling stock of Western European and Asian countries will be successfully operated in these areas, and the demand for professionals with our specialization will grow significantly. The program is also useful for those who aspire to continue their studies at the third (educational and scientific) level of higher education

Training under the program provides knowledge, skills and abilities, the ability to apply knowledge and form judgments as follows

  • knowledge and understanding of modern methods of scientific research, organization and planning of experiment, computerized methods of research and processing of results.
  • solving research problems in the creation, operation, repair and recycling of railcars, including cross-sectoral ones with related branches, engineering sciences, physics, ecology and economics.
  • ability to freely present and discuss scientific results in the official language and in English or in one of the languages of the European Union, in oral and written form.
  • developing and offering new technical solutions for the creation, operation, repair and recycling of cars and apply new technologies.
  • ability to apply in professional activity universal and specialized product lifecycle management (PLM), computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided engineering systems (CAE).
  • developing and implementing energy-saving technologies.
  • organizing and managing operation of the primary research or design unit.
  • knowledge and application of necessary methods and means of research, developing and analysing physical, mathematical and computer models of research objects relating to the creation, operation and repair of cars.
  • presenting the results of the work done in the form of reports, abstracts, scientific articles, main speeches and applications for inventions.
  • managing research in accordance with the functional duties.
  • conducting feasibility studies, comparison and justification of the processes of design, construction, production, repair, renovation, operation of cars and car infrastructure.
  • knowledge and identification of possible risks, to ensure the personal safety and safety of others in the field of professional activity.
  • using quality system and product certification in the field of professional activity.
  • designing characteristics of non-traction rail rolling stock of railway and its infrastructure.
  • developing and optimizing parameters of technological processes for the manufacture and repair of non-traction rolling stock of railway transport and its infrastructure, including the use of computer-aided design.
  • conducting research and/or innovation in the development, manufacture, operation and repair of non-traction rail rolling stock.
  • ability to use the principles and methods of system analysis in scientific and technical activities, to analyse the cause-effect relationships between significant factors and technical and economic characteristics.
  • optimizing parameters of non-traction rolling stock of railway transport and its infrastructure of railway transport and their complexes according to various efficiency criteria based on their mathematical models.
  • skills to conduct training sessions as a trainee teacher, to prepare training and learning documents in the relevant subjects.

Employment Opportunities

The main task of the master’s program is to prepare professional TOP managers for managing international and Ukrainian railway enterprises and companies, as well as analytical, consulting and research activities in the field of railway transport.

After graduation, specialists who studied under this educational program can successfully work in:

– management, departments and branches of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” (the sphere of transportation of goods and passengers, the operation of railway infrastructure, industrial activity). You can find out about the availability of vacancies in the personnel services;

– PJSC “Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works”;

– PJSC Kharkiv Bearing Plant;

– RPE “Khartron Express LTD”;

– State Enterprise “Ukrainian Scientific Railway Car Building Research Institute”;

– Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport;

– and in many other enterprises and institutions.

Common professions include engineer, research engineer, researcher, university assistant or senior teacher, teacher of a vocational technical institution, laboratory head, etc.

Additional Information

International activity.

Master students have the opportunity to study under the program “Two diplomas”. When you complete your study you will receive 2 diplomas – a European one (Polish or French) and a national one (UkrSURT). Our students also participate in the international program ERASMUS +. For more information please contact UkrSURT International Relations Department.

Obtaining working professions and work in student groups.

Students have the opportunity to additionally master working professions, such as a passenger car attendant, a rolling stock repair technician, a car inspector, as well as work during the academic year and summer holidays in students’ labour teams, combining work with study. Also, practical training in paid jobs and dual form of education are possible.

Cooperation with the manufacturing plants.

Enterprises and organizations that actively cooperate with the graduating department: car and passenger depots of JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”, Khartron Express Ltd, State Enterprise “Ukrainian Scientific Railway Car Building Research Institute”, PJSC “Kryukovsky Railway Car Building Works”, car repair enterprises of Ukrzaliznytsia, PJSC Azovmash and other research and development enterprises and design organizations related to transport and car facilities. The department also cooperates closely with the leading manufacturers of bearing units for rolling stock, such as: SKF, Timken and Brenco.


Graduating department: “Railcars”

+38 (057) 730-10-35(36), vagon@kart.edu.ua

7 Maydan Feyerbaha, building 2, floor 1, room 2.126, Kharkiv 61050, Ukraine