Automatization and Computer-Integrated Technologies

Code: 1847

Specialty: 151 Automatization and Computer-Integrated Technologies

Faculty: Faculty of «Information and Control Systems and Technologies»

IEE: Ukrainian language and literature, Maths, History of Ukraine or Geography or Biology or Physics or Chemistry or Foreign language

Passing score of past years: 146.52

License volume / Number of budget seats: 30/5

Training period: 3y. 10m.

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 13800

Training form: full

Training period: І - bachelor's degree
on the basis of complete general secondary education – 4 years / 8 semesters

Educational level: bachelor

Introduction year: 2021

Guarantor of the Educational Program

Guarantor of the EP “Automatization and Computer- Integrated Technologies” – c.t.s., docent V.F.Kustov

Goals of the Educational Programme

The goals of the programme is to get knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of automation and automation of technological processes for the opportunity in the future bachelor to professionally perform functions in the development, design, production and operation of technical means of automatic and automated process control systems. them qualitatively functions of heads of divisions and the enterprises.

To achieve this goal, students study:

  • fundamental disciplines (higher mathematics, theoretical foundations of electrical engineering and electromechanics, computer and microprocessor technology, programming, electronics and microcircuitry);
  • professional disciplines (theory of automatic control, theoretical foundations of automation, basics of reliability theory and construction of safe systems, technical diagnostics, mathematical foundations of analysis and synthesis of automation systems, theory and systems of telecommunications in technological processes);
  • professional disciplines (automatic and automated control systems, control systems, production organization and planning);
  • humanities and socio-economic disciplines (philosophy, psychology, sociology, political science, technical translation, basics of economics and management).

Positive attitude to the study of primary disciplines, good implementation of educational and technological practice programmes allows the graduate of this educational programme to further hold the positions of heads of departments and institutions in research and production enterprises, universities and design institutes, enterprises operating automatic systems and automated control in various industries.

Recipients of the Educational Programme

The programme is aimed at graduates of schools and colleges, colleges and technical schools interested in gaining knowledge in the field of automation and computer-integrated technologies in transport and other sectors of the economy. The programme will be interesting for those who plan to connect their future with the latest research, development of modern control systems for responsible technological processes, implementation of promising projects, creation, production and operation of efficient computer systems and microprocessor devices in various industries and transport.

The programme provides such knowledge, skills, application and judgement:

  • the theoretical bases of development, design, production and operation of control systems of technological processes, and also devices of railway automation (ЗАТ) are studied;
  • methods of analysis, calculation and synthesis of basic systems and devices of automatic and automated control and monitoring systems are studied, devices and systems of railway automation, ways and prospects of development of systems for the near and long term are studied in more detail;
  • methods and technical means for creation of computer and microprocessor systems are studied;
  • databases, computer programming are studied;
  • methods of ensuring the reliability and safety of technical means of control and regulation of train traffic are studied;
  • power supply systems and diagnostics of modern control and monitoring systems are studied;
  • the organization of operation and maintenance of devices of automation and telemechanic, guarantee of safety of movement of trains during restoration and repair of devices of (ЗАТ), features of search of failures and carrying out of special measurements in devices of (ЗАТ) are studied;
  • formed the ability to apply the acquired knowledge of general technical and general engineering disciplines, mastering the methods of analysis, calculation, synthesis and design of (ЗАТ) devices and their components based on the use of computer technology, especially microprocessors and computers;
  • skills of development of separate elements and knots of systems, maintenance of the set operational reliability of functioning of devices of (ЗАТ), guarantee of traffic safety and the set throughput of sites and stations are formed;
  • skills of management of production collective, independent decision-making and to define prospects of development of divisions and the enterprises are formed.

Employment Opportunities

The acquired knowledge allows for decent employment in various industries, primarily trunk and industrial rail transport, subways, seaports in coal mines, metallurgical plants and coke plants, both in Ukraine and abroad. For effective career growth in the future after graduation, it is advisable for graduates to start working in initial engineering and technical positions.

Rail transport is a very important link in the economy of any developed country, so specialists are highly valued in the world. Many graduates of this university have graduated from our universities and work effectively not only in Ukraine but also abroad in world-famous companies, such as Hitachi Rail STS, formerly Ansaldo Signaling and Transportation Systems or Ansaldo STS (USA, Italy), Bombardier Transportation (Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, etc.), “Thales” (France, Azerbaijan, etc.), in management positions on the main and industrial railway transport, as well as in the subways of the CIS countries.

Additional Information

According to this educational programme of the department “Automation and computer telecontrol of trains” (AT) graduated from our university:

  • two rectors, almost all deans of the ICST faculty and heads of the department of AT of our university;
  • heads of the department of automation and telecommunications of PAT “Ukrzaliznytsia”;
  • the majority of heads of services and distances of signaling and communication: regional branches “South-Western, Odessa, Lviv, Southern, Donetsk, and Prydniprovska Railways” of PAT “Ukrzaliznytsia”;
  • heads of services, signaling and communication distances and divisions of Kharkiv, Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk subways of Ukraine;
  • heads of services and distances of signaling and communication of the transport directorates of metallurgical plants, mines and coke plants, seaports and organizations for the transportation of products by rail;
  • heads of divisions of design and survey institutes “Ukrzaliznychproekt”, “Kharkiv Promtransproekt”, “Hardiprotrans”, “Yuzhgiproruda”, “Diprokoks” (Kharkiv), “Dipromez” (Dnipro), Kyivmetroproekt, Kyivdiprotrans;
  • directors and chief specialists of Kharkiv research and production enterprises “Transport Technologies” (“Stallenergo”), “Zaliznychavtomatika”, “SATEP”, “Ipra-Soft”, “Hartron”, “UkrTransSignal”, “Promtransavtomatika”, “Bombardier Transportation” (all – Kharkiv).

Students study in modern laboratories equipped with computer classrooms, equipment of such world companies as Bombardier Transportation, Schneider Electric, Iskratel, Watson telecom. SPE “Impulse” and others.

The department has 4 doctors of technical sciences, 4 professors, 3 academicians and 1 corresponding member of the Transport Academy of Ukraine, 11 associate professors and 3 senior lecturers.