Computer engineering of transport systems

Code: 23924

Specialty: Computer engineering of transport systems

Faculty: Faculty of «Information and Control Systems and Technologies»

IEE: Ukrainian language and literature, Maths, History of Ukraine or Foreign language

Passing score of past years: 167.45

License volume / Number of budget seats: 10/0

Training period: 3y. 10m.

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 13800

Training form: full

Training period: І - bachelor's degree
based on complete secondary education – 3 years 10 months / 8 terms

Educational level: bachelor

Introduction year: 2020

Goals of the Educational Programme

The goal of learning through the program is to obtain knowledge, skills for engineering, creating and maintaining computer systems, networks and their components, servicing computer systems and networks, creating system and application programs as part of a functional, procedural and object-oriented approach for desktops, mobile, portable, embedded and cloud systems, engineering transport circuit devices.

Students study algorithms and data structures, hardware and software components of computer systems and networks, system software (operating systems, utilities, tools for creating and researching programs), tooling methods, transmission, conversion and data storage; circuitry of modern computer systems for the transport complex needs.

Recipients of the Educational Programme

The program is addressed to applicants interested in acquiring of knowledge in computer engineering of transport systems.

The program will be useful for those who are primarily interested in transport information technologies, computer systems, who plan to engage in modern computer technologies in the transport industry. A feature of the program is commitment to the introduction of new systems and computer-integrated technologies at the enterprises of the transport complex.

Professional Competences of the Educational Programme

  • knowledge of operating systems, utilities, design tools and research programs, algorithms and data structures, hardware and software of computer systems and networks, system software including purpose-made methods for storing, visualizing, transmitting, converting information, circuitry of modern computer systems for transport complex;
  • ability to realize the development of transport systems techniques;
  • ability to use modern computer tools of system, functional, design and technological design of computer systems and networks, including for the needs of transport systems;
  • ability to relise software development for computer systems with parallel and distributed architecture, know using modern languages and parallel programming libraries;
  • ability to apply modern theories of database organization, methods and technologies for their development and use in professional activities;
  • ability to apply in the process of professional activity the methods and means of protecting information in computer systems and networks with modern cryptosystems, taking into account the requirements of the transport industry.

Employment Opportunities

For engineering and manufacturing, institutional and management, drawing-and-designing and research activities in the field of information technology including railway transport.

Core posts: computer engineering technicians, programmers, computation (information-computer) center technician, info-communications specialist, computer program development specialist, information technology specialist.

Additional Information

Modernization of Ukrainian transport complex needs specialists with knowledge of computer engineering for transport purposes. These are train control systems, electronic information services, transport database management. Therefore, a significant number of IT companies have focused their activities specifically to solve the problems of the transport industry.

Due to close relations of the chair with manufacturers, IT industry and developers of modern electronic equipment, students are guaranteed to be employed and can combine their studies with work in well-known computer companies.