Computer, Information Control Systems

Code: 579

Specialty: 151 Automatization and Computer- Integrated Technologies

Faculty: Faculty of «Information and Control Systems and Technologies»

IEE: OEE (Foreign language), Professional exam,

Passing score of past years: 200

License volume / Number of budget seats: -

Training period: 1y 4m

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 15700

Training form: full

Training period: 1 year 4 months / 3 terms – 90 credits

Educational level: master

Introduction year: 2020

Guarantor of the Educational Program

Moiseenko Valentyn Ivanovych

Period of Study for full-time students

The purpose of the program is to train highly qualified specialists who have extensive fundamental knowledge, have the ability to adapt to changing demands of the labor market and technology, initiative, able to work in a team, understand the main trends in theory and practice of computer information management systems and means of automation, providing education with wide access to employment, to prepare students with a special interest in further education.

Recipients of the Educational Programme

The program is addressed to applicants interested in gaining knowledge in the field of automation and instrumentation in transport, industry, public sector and business.
The program will be of interest to those who plan to link their future with the research, development, design, maintenance and operation of automation systems.
One of the main aspects of the program is the broad profile of the program, which provides employment opportunities in many areas of human activity, including rail transport..

Professional Competences of the Educational Programme:

• ability to perform theoretical and applied research of processes of creation of automation systems, including the analysis of these systems and construction of their models;
• ability to carry out author’s support of processes of designing, implementation and support of means and systems of automation;
• ability to develop new technologies for designing automated, telecommunication systems and complexes;
• ability to organize the interaction of teams of developer and customer, making management decisions in terms of different opinions;
• ability to develop and research theoretical and experimental models of objects of professional activity;
• ability to develop and study methods of analysis, synthesis, optimization and forecasting of the quality of the processes of functioning of automated, telecommunication systems;
• ability to form new competitive ideas in the field of theory and practice of operation of automation devices and systems;
• ability to develop methods for solving non-standard problems and new methods for solving non-traditional problems.

Employment Opportunities

Places of employment: educational institutions of higher and secondary profile education, research and design institutes, research laboratories, transport infrastructure enterprises of Ukraine (Ukrzaliznytsia, metro), industrial enterprises, Internet providers, information and computer centers, service centers and centers support for automation and instrumentation.
Positions: researchers (computer technology), engineers in the field of automation and instrumentation, engineer for repair and maintenance of automation and measuring instruments, electronics engineer, design engineer.

Additional Information

The department has modern equipment, computer classes and a class of Schneider Electric industrial controllers with European-made controllers. Students have the opportunity to combine training with work at companies that develop software and hardware automation.
Our graduates are in great demand in the labor market in Ukraine and European countries, there is an opportunity to continue their studies in graduate school to obtain a doctorate.

Graduating department: Specialized Computer Systems
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61050, Ukraine, Kharkiv, Sq. Feuerbach 7, building 3, floor 4, office 401