Construction and technical operation of railway engineering structures

Code: 1880

Specialty: Construction and Civil Engineering

Faculty: Faculty of «Construction»

IEE: Ukrainian language and literature, History of Ukraine or Geography or Foreign language

Passing score of past years: 105.91

License volume / Number of budget seats: 20/5

Training period: 3р. 10м

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 13800

Training form: full

Training period: І - bachelor
on the basis of complete general secondary education - 3 years 10 months / 8 semesters

Educational level: bachelor

Introduction year: 2020

Goals of the Educational Programme

The purpose of training under the program is to obtain knowledge, skills in the field of construction, design and technical operation of railway facilities – bridges, tunnels, pipes, transport and loading and unloading platforms, railway platforms, structures for design purposes, structures contact network, etc.

Students learn to apply modern information technologies and software systems (Autocad, SketcUp, Лира, etc.) for the design of individual structures and structures in general. They study modern technologies for the construction, reconstruction and overhaul of railway structures. Particular attention is paid to the technical operation of structures and the restoration of the operational properties of building structures.

Recipients of the Educational Programme

The program is addressed to applicants interested in gaining knowledge in the field of construction and technical operation of railway facilities.

The program will be interesting for those who plan to connect their future with the design, construction and operation of railway facilities. One of the main aspects of the program is paying special attention to the maintenance, technical operation and reconstruction of existing engineering structures (bridges, tunnels, pipes, etc.) using modern calculation methods and materials, as well as the latest technologies for the performance of work.

Training under the program gives such a volume of knowledge, skills and abilities, the ability to apply knowledge and form judgments:

  • the ability to solve specialized problems and solve practical problems in the field of construction and civil engineering, characterized by complexity and consistency, based on the application of the basic theories and methods of fundamental and applied sciences;
  • studying the basic principles of designing, organizing the construction of railway structures (bridges, tunnels, pipes, etc.);
  • methods of inspection, testing and reinforcement of structures and structures are being studied;
  • study methods for organizing the construction, overhaul and reconstruction of railway structures (bridges, tunnels, pipes, etc.);
  •  knowledge of the rules for the construction and technical operation of railway facilities (bridges, tunnels, pipes, etc.) is being formed;
  • skills are being formed to apply the acquired knowledge of general technical and engineering disciplines, mastering the methods of analysis, calculation and design of structures and structures based on the use of computer technology;
  • Modern software systems (Autocad, SketcUp, Lear, etc.) are being studied for the calculation and design of structures and structures;
  • skills are formed for calculating individual structures and buildings as a whole, maintaining a given operational reliability, and ensuring safety during construction work;
  • skills to manage the production team, independent decision-making, development and conclusion of technical documentation are formed.

Employment Opportunities

University graduates are employed:

  • on railways: at the enterprises of track services – BRIDGE trains, bridges and subway stations; at enterprises of other services;
  • in design and survey organizations, incl. those specializing in the reconstruction of buildings, bridges, tunnels, engineering structures;
  • in construction organizations of all profiles – engineers, craftsmen, foremen, site managers, etc.;
  • at enterprises for the production of building materials and structures – process engineers, craftsmen, shop managers, and others;
  • in organizations-developers – project managers, customer representatives, technical supervision employees;
  • in government agencies that supervise and control the construction, inventory of buildings and structures – inspectors, experts;
  • expert and engineering institutions – experts from building structures and structures;
  • in commercial structures implementing construction materials, structures, equipment.

Additional Information

The current operating conditions of railway infrastructure facilities require constant supervision, repair and restoration for their existence. Given the features of rail transport, bachelors combine deep fundamental, professional knowledge and diverse practical training. For preparation, a modern educational material base, full-scale equipment samples, and a working training ground are used.

Only in Kharkov, about 15 design and production organizations that meet the training program and actively cooperate with the graduating department (design institutes Ukrzaliznychproekt, Khargiprotrans, Metroproekt, Ukrdiprodor, YuzhtransNIIproekt, Gidroproekt, structural and production units of regional branches, branches of the Center for Construction and Installation and operation of buildings and structures ”,“ Center for Diagnostics of Railway Infrastructure ”of JSC“ Ukrzaliznytsia ”, etc.).

Students study in modern educational buildings, specialized classrooms, business communication rooms and computer labs equipped with modern PCs, use the scientific and technical library, Multimedia library and etc.