Code: 2212

Specialty: 076 Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities

Faculty: Faculty of «Economics»

IEE: OEE (Foreign language), Professional exam,

Passing score of past years: 200

License volume / Number of budget seats: -

Training period: 1y 4m

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 18600

Training form: full

Training period: 1 year 4 months / 3 semesters - 90 credits

Educational level: master

Introduction year: 2021

Guarantor of the Educational Program


The purpose of training in the educational program

The purpose of training in the program is to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities in business, aimed at gaining knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of private business; formation of entrepreneurial worldview – reflection at the level of consciousness of the picture of the world around and the relationships between its individual components; identification of a specific form of participation in social production and ways to obtain financial resources to ensure economic activity, as well as to master the skills of a professional entrepreneur, which is necessary for effective management in creating tangible and intangible benefits in society. Business should bring joy to the consumer and be realized with the soul. With the knowledge gained from the
entrepreneurship curriculum, you will be a happy person in your life.

Addressees of the educational program

The program is aimed at applicants interested in gaining the ability to solve complex specialized problems and practical problems in the field of entrepreneurship, which involves the application of theories and methods of economics, management, business entrepreneurship and is characterized by complexity and uncertainty.
Training in the program provides the following amount of knowledge, skills and abilities, the ability to apply knowledge and form judgments:
● in the management of enterprises;
● when organizing business in any sector of the economy (industry, transport, agriculture, trade, services, research);
● in the creation of small, medium and large businesses;
● in the field of commodity science and commercial activities, as well as be able to be agents for commercial services and trading brokers; gain skills to succeed in any field of production.

Employment opportunities

Graduates can work in the private sector of the economy, in enterprises (institutions) and in associations of enterprises of different scales and forms of ownership as economists, analysts, financiers, business leaders, economic consultants.

Additional Information

Masters have the opportunity to continue their education at the third (educational scientific) level of higher education. The Department of “Economics and Management of Production and Commercial Business”, which graduates specialists in the training program “Entrepreneurship”, offers: organization of research work of students at the Student Research Center; organization of the educational process in classrooms equipped with modern multimedia equipment, with audio and video courses within the professional disciplines of the specialty and the possibility of distance learning; upon receipt of a master’s degree or specialist, the opportunity to enter graduate school and defend a candidate’s and doctoral dissertation in a specialized academic council operating at the department; the possibility of publishing scientific articles in the professional collection “Bulletin of Transport Economics and Industry”, the editorial board of which operates at the department; participation in the annual International scientific-practical conference on international transport corridors and corporate logistics (experts and scientists from Ukraine, Europe, Asia participate). Given the need for comprehensive education of the modern businessman, the department provides great attention to spiritual and moral education to create a highly cultured personality, to carry out business activities and in personal life.

Graduating Department: Economics and Management of Production and Commercial Business
+38 (057) 730-10-96, eoup@kart.edu.ua
61050, Ukraine, Kharkiv, Maid. Feuerbach 7, building 3, floor 5, office 3.500A