Code: 1848

Specialty: 076 Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities

Faculty: Faculty of «Economics»

IEE: Ukrainian language and literature, Maths, History of Ukraine or Geography or Biology or Physics or Chemistry

Passing score of past years: 172

License volume / Number of budget seats: 20/0

Training period: 3y. 10m.

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 14350

Training form: full

Training period: І - bachelors degree
on the basis of complete general secondary education - 3 years 10 months / 8 semesters

Educational level: bachelor

Introduction year: 2021

Goals of the Educational Programme

Training of highly qualified bachelors who are able to successfully work in the chosen field of activity, who have modern economic thinking, universal and professional competencies, which are necessary for the implementation of professional activities aimed at maximizing consumer demand for goods and high culture of their service in commercial enterprises, development and adoption of decisions in the field of entrepreneurship.

Recipients of the Educational Programme

The program is multidisciplinary and provides an optimal combination of theoretical and practical training, that allows future professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in economic processes and patterns of functioning and development of entrepreneurship.

Scientific program provides skills and abilities, the ability to apply knowledge and different opportunities:

Graduates of the educational and professional program “Entrepreneurship” are competitive specialists in many fields, after all, this specialty has a wide range of applications: from material production – to the service sector, from small business – to multinational corporations.

Employment Opportunities

Opportunity to implement the acquired knowledge while working in: production and trade enterprises; domestic and international holding companies (planning, strategic and innovation development departments; consulting and investment companies; banking institutions (corporate lending); public authorities; own business.

Additional Information

The bachelor can continue his studies in the second (master’s) field of economics (which is consistent with the received bachelor’s degree) or related – master’s (educational-scientific / educational-professional) programs of higher education.

Department of “Economics and Enterprise Management and Administration», graduating specialists in the training program “Entrepreneurship”, offers: the development of international cooperation is one of important focus areas which is embodied in the implementation of joint projects and programmes; education and qualification level of Doctor of Philosophy; organization of the educational process in classrooms equipped with modern multimedia equipment, with conducting audio and video courses within the professional disciplines of the specialty and the possibility of distance learning; opportunity to enter postgraduate studies and defend PhD/doctoral dissertations in the specialized academic council operating; the possibility of publishing scientific articles in the professional collection “Bulletin of Transport Economics and Industry”, the editorial board of which operates at the department; The faculty constantly works on development of cultural, academic, methodological and interdepartmental relations with higher education establishments both of Ukraine and other countries.