High-Speed Rolling Stock

Code: 24289

Specialty: 273 Railway Transport

Faculty: Faculty of «Mechanical and Energy»

IEE: OEE (Foreign language), Professional exam,

Passing score of past years: 200

License volume / Number of budget seats: -

Training period: 1y 4m

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 15700

Training form: full

Training period: 1.4 years / 3 semesters – 90 credits

Educational level: master

Introduction year: 2021

Guarantor of the Educational Program

Zhalkin Denys Serhiiovych

Goals of the Educational Programme:

Training of specialists who are able to develop and use modern and innovative technologies, capable of creating complex solutions for complicated specialized theoretical and practical issues of design, operation, repair, modernization and disposal of high-speed railway transport facilities.

Recipients of the Educational Programme:

graduates of the first (bachelor’s) level of higher education, who are interested in gaining knowledge in the sphere of high-speed rolling stock. The program will be interesting for those who plan to practice design, manufacture, repair, maintenance and operation of modern high-speed rolling stock in their future; for those who want to obtain one of the most important and promising professions of railway transport – a mechanical engineer in high-speed rolling stock.

Professional Competences of the Educational Programme:

the ability to apply knowledge and form judgments: the ability to solve complex specialized issues and practical problems in professional activities in the sphere of high-speed transport or further learning using the provisions, theories and methods of natural, technical, information and social-economic sciences, which involves research and / or innovation, and is characterized by complexity and uncertainty of conditions.

Employment Opportunities:

The sphere of activity of graduates is railway transport. The place of work may be organizations engaged in maintenance, design, production, testing, operation and repair of high-speed rail transport; design of technological processes and means of technical equipment for maintenance and repair of high-speed railway transport; development of design and regulatory documentation.

Additional Information:

The objects of professional activity of graduates of OPP “High-speed rolling stock” are:
– Railcar rolling stock (electric trains, rail buses, diesel trains);
– Maintenance and repair depots;
– Enterprises and organizations for design, construction, production, operation, maintenance and repair of high-speed rolling stock;
– Means and ways to improve the operational and repair characteristics (economy, reliability, durability, safety, quality of repair) of high-speed rolling stock.
Enterprises and organizations that meet the training program and actively cooperate with the graduating department: locomotive and railcar depots of Ukrzaliznytsia, State Enterprise “Ukrainian Railway Company”, “Kryukiv Carriage Plant”.