Network and Computer Technology

Code: 36667

Specialty: 273 Railway Transport

Faculty: Faculty of «Information and Control Systems and Technologies»

IEE: OEE (Foreign language), Professional exam,

Passing score of past years: 200

License volume / Number of budget seats: -

Training period: 1y 9m

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 15700

Training form: full

Training period: 1 year 9 months / 4 terms – 120 academic credits

Educational level: master of science

Introduction year: 2021

Guarantor of the Educational Program

Guarantor of the EP “Network and Computer Technology” – PhD O.S. Zhuchenko

Goals of the Educational Programme

– training of specialists capable of comprehensive solution of complex specialized scientific, applied, practical problems of a research and/or innovative nature characterized by the complexity and uncertainty of the conditions in the field of development, design, construction, operation, repair, modernization, recycling of railway communication infrastructure and their complexes based on computer network technologies;
– acquisition of universal knowledge based on fundamental theories, concepts, ideas, principles, combined into a single worldview system as a factor of further professional growth and the ability to solve a wide range of general tasks in the field of computer network technologies and information communications;
– formation of spirituality, the spiritual culture of the individual, in particular through the development of his spiritual needs, the creation of psychological and pedagogical conditions for spiritual development, as the foundations of the personality formation of a specialist, the development of the country’s human potential;
– providing the possibility of creative personal self-actualization by creating an educational environment inspiring self-understanding, formation of self-esteem, self-development, based on academic freedom, mobility, good faith and student-centred education;
– acquisition of social skills in business communication, management as an element of professional activity of a specialist.

Uniqueness (features) of the Educational Programme

A focus on solving specific tasks, which are determined by significant differences in the use and implementation of computer network technologies in the infocommunication infrastructure of railway transport, along with the ability to solve general tasks in the field of computer network technologies and infocommunications.

Students in the Educational Programme

The Educational Program is intended for students who are ready to acquire the ability to solve complex specialized problems and practical problems in professional activities in the field of computer network technologies and railway transport information communications using the provisions, theories and methods of the natural, technical, information and socio-economic sciences involving research and/or innovation and is characterized by complexity and uncertainty of conditions.

Training under the program provides knowledge, skills and abilities, the ability to apply knowledge and form judgments as follows:

– conducting research and / or innovation in the creation, operation and repair of railway transport facilities;
– ability to use the principles and methods of system analysis in research and technical activities, to analyse the cause-effect relationships between critical factors and technical and economic characteristics;
– optimizing parameters of railway facilities and systems according to various efficiency criteria on the basis of their mathematical models;
– skills to conduct training sessions as a trainee teacher, to prepare training and learning documents in the relevant subjects;
professional field:
– knowledge and understanding of modern methods of scientific research, organization and planning of experiments, computerized methods of research and processing of results;
– solving problems of creating, operating, maintaining, repairing and recycling of the objects of railway infocommunication infrastructure and their complexes based on computer network technologies, including at the border with adjacent branches, engineering, physics, ecology and economics;
– ability to freely present and discuss scientific results in the official language and in English or in one of the languages of the European Union, in oral and written form;
– developing and offering new technical solutions and applying new technologies;
– ability to apply in professional activity universal and specialized product lifecycle management (PLM), computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided engineering systems (CAE);
– developing and implementing energy-saving technologies;
– organizing and managing operation of the primary production, design or research unit, using social skills of business communication and management, strive for personal growth as an organizer and leader;
– knowledge and applying necessary research methods and means, developing and analysing physical, mathematical and computer models of research objects related to the creation, operation and repair of railway transport infocommunication infrastructure facilities and their complexes based on computer network technologies;
– ability to communicate knowledge, decisions and reasoning to professionals and non-professionals in a clear and unambiguous form, and to present the results of work in the form of reports, papers, scientific articles, main speeches and applications for inventions;
– managing technological processes in accordance with official duties, ensure the technical safety of production in the field of their professional activities;
– performing technical and economic calculations, comparison and justification of the processes of designing, constructing, manufacturing, repairing, renovating, operating railway communication infrastructure and their complexes based on computer network technologies;
– knowledge and ability to identify possible risks, to ensure the personal safety and safety of others in the field of professional activity;
– using quality system and product certification in the field of professional activity;
– designing characteristics of the infocommunication infrastructure objects of railway transport and their complexes based on computer network technologies;
– developing and optimizing parameters of technological processes, including with the use of computer-aided design for the production of nodes, assemblies and systems of railway communication infrastructure and their complexes based on computer network technologies.

Employment Opportunities

The Educational Program represents the development trends of the specialty in the labour market, is determined by the global process of convergence of computer network technologies and communication technologies, inevitably leads to the need for common use of computer network technologies in railway transport, not only for data transfer and storage, but also for organizing communications for various purposes. There is a tendency towards the global introduction of computer network technologies in railway transport and the need to solve the corresponding specific research and/or innovative tasks, the demand for railway transport in computer network technology specialists will increase, they will be able to conduct research and / or innovative activities. The Educational Program has goals that allow the graduate to be competitive in the labour market.
The main places of employment for graduates of the program are transport infrastructure enterprises (railways, subways), telecom operators, including mobile, Internet operators and providers, information and computer centres, research and design institutes, higher education institutions and the like.

Additional Information

The graduating Department of Transport Communications closely cooperates with leading enterprises in the relevant sectors (LTD MONIS JV, LTD Scientific-production enterprise “Stalenergo”, LTD “Watson Telecom”, PJSC “Kyivstar”, PJSC YUZHKABEL, etc.), structural units of railway transport and subways, other universities. When introducing educational activities, a unique training complex is used that combines Iskratel, Watson Telecom, Raisecom, Dynamix, D-Link, TP-Link, Ericsson, Stalenergo and other manufacturers into a single network of equipment. On the basis of the graduating department there is a specialized Board of Studies D 64.820.01 for the defense of dissertations in the specialty “Telecommunications and Radio engineering”.