Organization of Traffic and Transport Management

Code: 309

Specialty: 275 Transport Technology (Railway Transport)

Faculty: Faculty of «Transportation Process Management»

IEE: Ukrainian language and literature, Maths, Physics or Foreign language

Passing score of past years: 113.97

License volume / Number of budget seats: 80/91

Training period: 3y. 10m.

Contract price (1 year/UAH): 13800

Training form: full

Training period: І - bachelor
on the basis of complete general secondary education - 3 years 10 months / 8 semesters

Educational level: bachelor

Introduction year: 2021

Goals of the Educational Programme

The reform of the industry and significant optimization of railway workers indicates the need for the emergence of specialists of a new formation with innovative thinking who can bring the industry to the appropriate level.

The purpose of education according the program is to obtain knowledge, skills in the field of organization of transportation and transport management. Students acquire fundamental and practical knowledge on all aspects of the transportation process (handling of goods and wagons, paperwork, information transfer in automated systems) learn to organize the transportation of goods and passengers at all levels of management.

Recipients of the Educational Programme

The program is addressed to applicants interested in gaining knowledge in organizing the transport of passengers and goods by various means of transport in accordance with applicable law.

This program will become in the image of those who are interested in gaining skills in concluding contracts for transport services with various modes of transport, in accordance with the transfer of ownership between transport participants. Applicants will be able to find out which carriers are involved in the process and how they interact with each other and with the cargo owners.

The program is interesting for those who connect their future with work in transport companies of all types of ownership, logistics centers or freight forwarding organizations.

Education according to programme gives such a volume of knowledge, skills and competence, the ability to apply knowledge and form judgments:

  • the basic principles of the structural and functional organization of railway transport facilities and the transport system are being studied;
  • the principles of transport management and the interaction of modes of transport are being studied;
  • modern methods of drawing up a plan for the formation and schedule of trains, technical standards for operational work, operational plans for the operation of stations and nodes are being studied;
  • The design (reconstruction, rearrangement) of railway stations and junctions using modern automated systems is being studied.
  • skills are being formed to apply the theoretical knowledge gained to make management decisions (laboratory work and situational games with the duties of station duty, train dispatcher, station master);
  • the skills of technical and economic evaluation of the proposed organisational arrangements and design decisions are being formed;
  • skills are formed on the execution of shipping documents, forms of accounting and reporting; use of modern automated control systems in railway transport.

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of the specialization “Organization of Traffic and Transport Management” can work in the field of research and teaching activities in the field of transport technology; administrative and managerial activities at senior positions in the field of transport technologies.

Work place:

  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
  • Educational institutions of higher and secondary profile education.
  • Research and design institutes.
  • Scientific laboratories.
  • Enterprises of transport infrastructure of Ukraine (Ukrzaliznytsia, Freight Forwarding Companies, Agency Companies, Brokerage Companies and others), in the following positions:
  • Agent for customs clearance of goods and goods;
  • Agent for the transfer of goods at the border station (point);
  • Agent for the search for goods and baggage;
  • Chief dispatcher (transport, storage);
  • Chief engineer (in transport);
  • Chief Specialist (railway transport);
  • Dispatcher for international transport;
  • Wagon fleet dispatcher;
  • Shunting manager of a railway station;
  • Train dispatcher;
  • Transportation service dispatcher;
  • Dispatcher station;
  • Freight forwarder;
  • Head of the bureau (ticket, search for cargo and baggage, etc.);
  • Head of the container item.
  • Transport engineer;
  • Design engineer;
  • Customs inspector;
  • Manager of logistick;
  • Forwarding Manager;
  • Head of Department (in transport);
  • Head of Technical Department;
  • Head of the station;
  • Head of the warehouse (freight)
  • Head of the station;
  • Head of the subway station;
  • Traffic Safety Examiner;
  • Rail Transport Officer.

Additional Information

Ukraine has a large number of medium and large transport, logistics and forwarding companies that need specialists in this field. In addition, Ukraine has a favorable geographical position, contributes to a large number of transit traffic. Therefore, it is possible to realize ourselves not only in the field of the transport complex, but also in business structures involved in the production of material goods and executive management structures at various levels.