Building 1, Floor 1, Room 103 and Floor 3, Room 315A

The activities of the Office are aimed at promoting integration of the University into the international, in particular the European research and academic environment, creating a system of efficient  formation of the information field and communication as a modern mechanism of the international activity, promoting development of the full administrative support for the international cooperation of the University.

The main objectives of the International Relations Office:

  • organization of the educational services for foreign citizens;
  • promotion of the international mobility (training, traineeship, teaching) for students, postgraduate students, research and teaching staff of the University;
  • implementation of the organizational, methodological and representative support for the international cooperation of the University with higher education institutions, research institutions, industrial enterprises, state and non-governmental organizations of Ukraine and foreign countries.

The International Relations Office prepares and issues invitations for foreign citizens to study at the University, maintains correspondence with foreign partners, facilitates organization of the admission of foreign citizens on contractual basis for all forms of study at UkrSURT, registers foreign citizens studying at the University, provides visa support.