Industry Research Laboratory of Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Railway Constructions and Structures (IRL-60)


Plugin Dmytro

Doctor of Science, Professor

корпус 1, поверх 1, кабінет 126

Industry Research Laboratory of Corrosion and Corrosion Protection of Railway Constructions and Structures (IRL-60)

Галузева науково-дослідна лабораторія корозії і захисту від корозії конструкцій і споруд залізниць (ГНДЛ-60)

It was created by the order of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine No. 297 dated 08.06.1994 at the Department of “Track and Track Management” of the Kharkiv State Academy of Railway Transport on the initiative of Prof. Staroselskyi O.O.

Scientific supervisors of GNDL:

  • in 1994 – doctor of technical sciences, prof. Staroselsky O.O
  • from 1994 to 2015 – doctor of science, prof. Plugin A.M.
  • since 2015 – doctor of technical sciences, prof. Plugin D.A.

Heads of GNDL from 1994 until now:

Ph.D., Ph.D. Pinchuk V.V.
Ph.D., Assoc. Miroshnichenko S.V. (since 2002)

The Laboratory of Physico-Chemical Research has been working as part of GNDL since 1994 (created in the 1950s at the Department of “Building Materials”).

Heads of the FHD laboratory from the 1960s to the present.

  • D.Sc, S.N.S. (later Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof.) O.H. Olginskyi;
  • s.n.s. Kuryacha V.A.;
  • n.s. Ivanova V.Ya.;
  • D., Assoc. (later Doctor of Science, Prof.) D. A. Plugin;
  • D., Assoc. Borzyak O.S. (since 2015).

The main areas of activity of GNDL

Research and development in the field of development of theoretical and experimental foundations of corrosion, electrocorrosion, durability, restoration of operational properties and protection of building materials, structures and structures, in particular, railway transport;

Development of regulatory documentation;

Physico-chemical studies of building materials, their manufacturing processes, corrosion, electrocorrosion.

In 2013, the subcommittee PC11 “Technical operation of railway structures and buildings” of the technical standardization committee TK 310 “Industrial construction” of the Ministry of Regions of Ukraine was created on the basis of the department of BMKS and GNDL, the head of the subcommittee is prof. Plugin A.A. UkrDUZT receives the status of a basic organization for scientific and technical activities in construction, which gives the right to develop national standards and construction regulations (Order of the Ministry of Regions No. 487 dated 07.10.2013).

GNDL is equipped with modern equipment for physical and chemical studies of building materials, their manufacturing processes, corrosion, electrocorrosion: X-ray phase analysis, infrared spectroscopy, optical and electron microscopic, rheological, corrosion studies, etc.

Some scientific research works carried out or carried out by GNDL:

fundamental, financed from the state budget of Ukraine:

60/2-2013B (ДР№0113U001031) Theoretical and experimental studies of the influence of electrocorrosive and stress-deformed state of railway structures and tracks on their reliability and traffic safety;

applied or developments performed or performed under business contracts:

60/1-2017 Conducting research on the applicability of SPTTM injection polymer materials for the construction, reconstruction and maintenance of railway transport facilities;
60/12-2013 (DR№0113U008422) Research and development of recommendations on improving the thermal insulation properties of the enclosing structures of railway transport buildings;
60/2-2012 (DR№0112U006926) Conducting research on the compatibility of existing paint and varnish materials with modern anti-corrosion systems and developing recommendations for increasing the inter-repair periods of bridge painting.

Some scientific research works carried out or carried out by GNDL:

GBN В 2.3-37472062-3:2015 Protection of building structures and service and technical facilities of railway transport against corrosion destruction
TU U 45.2-01116472-105:2006 ZS-1M and ZS-3M colored protective compounds for concrete, reinforced concrete and metal structures. Technical conditions for the experimental batch
TU U 01116472.042-2000 ZS-3 protective composition for wet and wet surfaces of reinforced concrete structures. Specifications
CP 0142 Rules for painting railway bridges in operation / Ukrzaliznytsia, 2006;
CPU 0136 Instructions for the execution of work on the injection of solutions for processing tunnels / Ukrzaliznytsia, 2006.

Contact information: Address: 61050, Kharkiv, square Feuerbacha, 7, room 1.412

Scientific leader of the National Academy of Sciences, Ph.D., prof. Plugin D.A.Kim. 1.124, tel. (057) 730-10-63, phone/fax (057) 771-46-91


Head of GNDL Ph.D., Assoc. Miroshnichenko S.V.Kim. 1.224, tel. (057) 730-10-64 E-mail:
Chief Ph.D. laboratory, Ph.D., Assoc. Borzyak O.S.Kim. 1.127, tel. (057) 730-10-63 E-mail: