Educational programs


Kovalev Anton Oleksandrovych

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT, PhD in Sci. Eng., Associate professorт

Building 1, floor 4, office 402

The CCMW Department at the Faculty of transportation process management trains full time and part time students with full and reduced terms of study in the following specialties and educational programs:


Educational programs
275.02 – «Transport technologies (railway transport)»Organization of transportation and transport management
Organization legal and shipping activities


The CCMW Department also provides training for the degree of Master of infrastructure and operation of high-speed railway traffic according to the EU TEMPUS project. After the defend their master’s thesis they receive two diplomas – a master’s degree in the programme subject area “Organization of transport and management in transport” with the specialization “Organization of high-speed traffic” of the Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport and a master’s degree from the National Conservatoire of Arts and crafts (Paris, France), programme subject area “Manager of high-speed traffic systems”.