Nykytynskyi Andrii

Position: Associate Professor

Science degree, academic title: PhD, Associate Professor

Year of birth:


– Specialist, civil engineer (1997, specialty “Railway structures and track economy”, UkrSART);

– Candidate of Technical Sciences (2006, specialty “Building Materials and Products”, dissertation “On the basis of superplasticized cement-water suspensions for sealing and suspension of water-cut tunnels” defended in the Specialized Scientific Council D 64.820.02, scientific supervisor A.M Plugin, Ph.D. , professor, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology, academician of the Transport Academy of Ukraine, Emeritus Professor of UkrSURT);

– Associate Professor (2009, Department of Building Materials, Structures and Buildings).

Scientific activity direction:

The improvement of the injection solutions and injection technology for concrete and stone structures in the repair and reinforcement of engineering structures; inspection and testing of engineering structures.


Author of more than 20 scientific papers, 3 product patents; 7 educational and methodical papers, including 1 text book with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as regulatory and guidance documents for railway transport.

Awards and diplomas:

Переможець конкурсу «Кращий молодий науковець Харківщини – 2007»

Featured publications:

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