Oleksandr Obozny

Position: senior lecturer

Science degree, academic title: PhD

Year of birth: 1985


Graduated from Ukrainian State Academy of railway Transport in 2007 majoring in Rolling Stock of Railways and Special Equipment of Railway Transport (Locomotives).

PhD in Engineering Science since 2021. He defended his PhD thesis at the Specialized Scientific Board D 64.820.04 in specialty 05.22.07 – rolling stock and train traction. The subject of his thesis: “Improvement of locomotives pre-route preparation processes based on the electronic passport”. His research advisor was D.Sc. (Tech), Professor Volodymyr Puzyr.

Scientific activity direction:

Scope of scientific interests: development of elements of the automated control systems of technological process of repair of locomotives, development of technical tasks to elements of the automated workplaces of masters of repair departments.


Author of more than 30 scientific and educational publications (articles in journals of collections of papers, abstracts of reports of international scientific and technical conferences, methodological and scientific-methodological developments).

Awards and diplomas:

Featured publications:

1. Puzyr V. , Datsun Y.Obozny O., Pyvo V.Development of a repair technology for locomotive units on the basis of the theory of decision. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. 2019. Volume 664. 012029.

2. Puzyr V., Krasheninin O., Zhalkin D., Datsun Y., Obozny O. Estimation of the influence of the interaction of factors pairs on the coefficient of route execution possibility. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering. 2019. Volume 659. 012057

3. Puzyr V., Datsun Y., Obozny O. Design of algorithm for identification of locomotive electrical machine unit during repair. International Journal of Engineering & Technology. 2018. Vol. 7 (4.3). P. 157-161

4. Obozny O.  Method of using electronic passport of locomotive in management system of preroute preparation. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies .  2013.  № 3 (62). P. 56-58.

5. Обозний О.М., Бобрицький С.В. Розробка методики прийняття рішення про видачу локомотива в рейс на основі аналізу його фактичного технічного стану. Збірник наукових праць УкрДАЗТ. 2014. Вип. 149. С. 71 – 75.