About the department


Oleg V. Kostyrkin

Head of the Department, PhD in Sci. Eng., associate professor

корпус 2, поверх 2, лабораторії хімії

The direction of educational activity of the Department “Occupational
Safety and Environmental Protection” of the Faculty of Transportation Process
Management is teaching full-time and part-time (distance) students for the
Bachelor’s degree.

The department trains specialists in the educational program “ Occupational
Safety and Health in Railway Transport ”.

About the department
A student who studies our specialty 263 “Civil Security” will qualify for the
professions “occupational safety inspector” and “state inspector for civil
protection and technogenic safety”, with the subsequent possibility of
employment in JSC Ukrzaliznytsya; administrative structures; state inspectorate
bodies and department for occupational safety; construction, maintenance
structural divisions; in divisions of large industrial enterprises; in the underground
railway; at enterprises of the railway transport.

Research area of the Department: improving the safety of transport industry by
increasing the safety of the “human factor”, developing tools for monitoring the level of
professional reliability of railway operators.

Since September 2023, the department has been headed by  Bogdan K. Garmash,
PhD in Sci. Eng., Associate Professor.

Professors and lecturers:
1. Acting Head of the Department, Associate professor, PhD in Sci. Eng Bogdan K. Garmash.
2. Professor, Dr. Sci. Eng. Vitaliy G. Brusentsov
3. Associate professor, PhD Sci. Eng. Lidiia A. Katkovnikova
5. Associate professor, PhD Sci. Eng. Dmytro S. Kozodoi
6. Associate professor, PhD Sci. EngOleg V. Kostyrkin.
7. Senior lecturer Nataliia V. Kozodoy
8. Senior lecturer Yevgeniia S. Grygorieva

Over the past decade, the department has completely upgraded the study
laboratories of chemistry, reconstructed and provided modern design in the
laboratory for labor protection. A specialized computer-aided occupational safety
class has been equipped to train future specialists. The department has a
specialized civil protection and life safety classroom, which is equipped with a
multimedia complex; an ergonomics classroom provided with modern technical
training tools to study the reliability of a human operator.
Currently, the department employs specialists in the field of occupational safety,
ecology and ergonomics. Work is carried out to develop means of monitoring the
reliability of the “human factor”; special-purpose binders are being developed to
protect against radiation and electromagnetic radiation; work is also conducted to
improve the ecological state in the regions of large chemical industry (
Severodonetsk); work on processing harmful industrial waste and monitoring the

The Department of Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection is an
active participant in the international program. In 2012, the Ukrainian State
University of Railway Transport started its partnership in the consortium for
Master’s degree training under the project Master of infrastructure and operation
of high-speed railway transport 530281-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-FR-TEMP US-JPCR.
Currently, according to the consortium schedule, the Department has developed
and teaches the module “Safety of high-speed rail transport”.
At the request of Ukrzaliznytsia, the Department has developed “Regulations of
Occupational Safety during Maintenance and Repair of Passenger Cars.” This
regulatory document for the industry includes basic requirements for
occupational safety regulations during maintenance of passenger cars on the
tracks in the park and at the station; basic requirements for occupational safety
regulations during scheduled repairs in the depot and at the service station.