Oleg V. Kostyrkin

Head of the Department, PhD in Sci. Eng., associate professor

корпус 2, поверх 2, лабораторії хімії


Branch of knowledge 26 Civil Security Speciality
 263 – Civil Security

First (Bachelor’s) level of higher education
Occupational Safety and Health in Railway Transport

The educational program is accredited until the 2025/2026 academic year

The department  teaches the following disciplines:

1.Attestation of workplaces
2. Life Safety
3. Life safety and basics of labor protection
4. Introduction to
5. Industrial sanitation
6. State social insurance against accidents and occupational diseases at work
7. Expertise on labor protection
8. Ecology by professional direction
9. General electrical engineering and electrical safety
10. Protection in emergency situations
11. Reliability of technical systems and technogenic risk
12. Organization of supervisory activities in the field of labor protection
13. Basics of ergonomics
14. Principles of Ecology
15. Basics of ecology and basics of labor protection
16. Basics of labor protection
17. Occupational Health in
18. Fire safety of production
19. Potentially dangerous production technologies and their identification
20. Legal basis of labor protection policy
21. Industrial ecology
22. Prevention of industrial injuries and occupational diseases
23. Psychology of work and its safety
24. Investigation, accounting and analysis of accidents, occupational diseases and accidents
25. Control systems of dangerous and harmful factors
26. Socio-economic foundations of labor protection
27. Theory of combustion and explosion
28. Environmental safety management
29. Management of labor protection
30. Chemistry
31. Chemistry and electrical materials
32. Civil Protection
33. Civil defense and labor protection in the industry