About the department

There are fast changes in society and the economy in Ukraine. Demand for qualified marketing specialists is growing. The high level of professional knowledge of domestic marketers involves a combination of the main theoretical and applied marketing provisions.

Marketing appeared in the economic literature between the XIX and XX centuries in the USA. This was dictated by the need to improve the existing market management system. Marketing, as a business philosophy, was supposed to provide a higher level of management sales activities of individual business structures.

The Ukrainian Marketing Association was founded in 1997. The main tasks of the organization were defined: the creation of a professional association of marketers; development of standards of work for marketers; organization of an information platform for professionals in the area of marketing; advocacy and promotion of marketing as a science.

Today Department of Marketing is currently preparing bachelors and masters in marketing with a high level of qualification. The teachers of the department is constantly working on improving its own qualification level by attending trainings and seminars on marketing, advertising, PR, personal sales, etc. Students are attracted to participation in various marketing conferences, which makes it possible to develop close ties with Ukrainian and foreign universities. The qualitative structure of the department is constantly changing and expanding at the expense of preparation of postgraduate students and doctoral candidates.

Today, the specialty “Marketing” is among the top 5 most demanded professional industries on the site HeadHunter.ua.

The mission of the Department of Marketing is the education of highly skilled professionals who are guided by the effective realization of professional competencies in the area of marketing, commerce, advertising, public relations and transport marketing.

The department is engaged in preparation of specialists for two educational programs:

– Marketing;

– Commercial activities and logistics.

A modern marketer

is able to:

– generate creative ideas and create brilliant business plans;

– create hits sales;

– attract and hold customers;

– develop promotional projects and large-scale PR-actions;

– create unique trade offers that cannot be abandoned.

has skills:

– organization of business presentations and negotiations;

– consumer behavior management;

– creation of marketing strategy of the company;

– conducting advertising and PR-activities.

Graduates of our department are able to work in different spheres of activity, either in commercial structures or in political organizations.

The absence of professionals is felt sharply now. Such specialists are needed who will be able to conduct a competent policy on the application of marketing tools in the management of economic and social processes. Our students get knowledge that is critical to a successful career in any field and competence: marketing and social communication, team management, presentation and other creative and innovative technologies.

The development of students’ creative potential is a top priority. Every year the Kharkiv Student Advertising Festival (KSAF) is conducted by our department. Schoolchildren and students of Ukrainian universities send their creative work in such nominations as video advertising, outdoor and printed advertising, presentation of an advertising project. Various manufacturing and commercial enterprises are partners of KSAF every year