Department of Structural Mechanics and Hydraulics

The Department of Structural Mechanics was established in 1934. Professor Yakov Stoliarov was the first head of the department. First, the department was a unit of the Mechanical School, but since 1945 it has been a unit of the Building School. In 1989, it was merged with the Department of Hydraulics and Water Supply under the named of the Department of Structural Mechanic and Hydraulic.

Nowadays, the department has 15 staff members, including 12 Associate Professors, 3 members of the assisting personnel and 1 postgraduate student.

12 subjects are taught at the department: strength of materials, strength of materials and basics of elasticity and plasticity theory, structural mechanics, structural mechanics and metal construction, structural mechanics (special course), hydraulics, hydraulics, hydraulic and air-operated drives, hydraulics and hydraulic drive water supply and water disposal, basics of ecology, technical mechanics of liquid and gas.