Position: Art. teacher

Science degree, academic title:

Year of birth: 1976


In 1999 he graduated from the Kharkiv Academy of Railway Transport with a degree in “Electric locomotives, electric trains”.

Scientific activity direction:

increasing the efficiency of DC electric trains.


Author of more than 53 scientific papers and educational and methodological developments.

Awards and diplomas:

Featured publications:

Scientific works:
1. Ustenko AV Ensuring hygienic and ergonomic requirements, levels of established environmental impact on the environment of the electric train EJ 675 / A.V. Ustenko, AG Teslik, N.N. Odegov // International information scientific
and technical journal “Locomotive-inform” №12,2013. 4-9s.
2. Ustenko AV Water supply system of cars of the new electric train HRCS2 / /A.V. Ustenko, AG Teslik, N.N. Odegov
// International information scientific and technical journal “Locomotive-inform” №7,2013. 36-42s.
3. Ustenko AV Cooling, ventilation and air conditioning system of HRCS2 electric train cars /A.V. Ustenko, AG Teslik,
N.N. Odegov // International information scientific and technical journal “Locomotive-inform” №9,2013. 4-7s.
4. Krasheninin OS Estimation of efficiency of adjustment of technology of TO, PR of locomotives at extension of term
of operation over normative / О.С. Krasheninin, MM Odegov, International Information Scientific and Technical Journal “Locomotive-Inform” №03-04 (105-106), 2015. 4-7s.
5. Krasheninin OS Assessment of the suitability of the condition of locomotives during the period of overtime service OS Krasheninin, MM Odegov // Collection of scientific works of the Ukrainian State University of Railway
Transport. – Kharkiv: UkrDAZT, 2016. – 2162. pp.218-226
Educational and methodical developments:
1. Methodical instructions for course and diploma design of traction electric drive EMF on the course “Theory of
electric drive” / MM Odegov /// Kharkiv, UkrDAZT -2009. 38с.
2. Masliy AS Methodical instructions for laboratory work in the discipline “Theory of automated electric drive” /
SG Buryakovsky, MM Odegov, AS Oil. – Kharkiv: UkrDAZT, 2014. – 47 p.
3. Methodical instructions for the course project in the discipline “Contact networks and power lines” / O.I. Семененко, М.М. Odegov, Yu.O. Semenenko // UkrDAZT. 2014. – 39 p.
4. Monograph by VN Баженов, К.В. Ущаповский, О.Г. Mushroom, D.A. Olefir, VI Васильченко, А.Д. Svetelik,
Yu.V. Владимиров, Д.А. Гапонов, Н.Н. Одегов, Т.С. Иерусалимова, Н.В. Rudevich
Relay protection and automation of power systems / Under Society. Ed. O.G. Mushroom. – Kharkov: “Madrid
Printing House”, 2015.-340p.

The main subjects that teaches are:

NumberDisciplineEducation Program/Higher Education Level
1Safety of operation of electric locomotives and electric trainsElectric locomotives and electric trains
2Safety of operation of electric vehicles and power supply systemsPower supply and resource-saving technologies
3Relay protectionPower supply and resource-saving technologies
4Theory of electric tractionElectric locomotives and electric trains
5Traction theory of urban and industrial electric transportElectric Transport
6Microprocessor systems of relay protection and automationPower supply and resource-saving technologies