Nadiia Karpenko

Position: Associate Professor

Science degree, academic title:

Year of birth: 1959


In 1982 she graduated from Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Engineering Electrophysics. Candidate of Technical Sciences since 2002. She defended her dissertation at the Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport, majoring in «Railway rolling stock and train traction». Theme of dissertation research: «Improvement of collector traction motors for rolling stock at pulsating and pulse supply voltage».

Scientific activity direction:

creation of new and modernization of existing traction engines of electric rolling stock.


Author of more than 50 scientific papers.

Awards and diplomas:

Featured publications:

Scientific works:

  1. Karpenko N.P. Peculiarities of calculation of additional poles at pulsating and pulse power supply / N.P. Карпенко, В.М. Kolisnyk // Collection of scientific works. – Kharkiv: UkrDAZT, 2013. – Issue – P. 238-245.
  2. Quality assessment of control over the traction valve-inductor drive of a hybrid diesel locomotive / S.Buriakovskiy, M. Babaiev, B. Liubarskyi, N. Karpenko, D. Pomazan, An. Masliy, I. Denys, A. Maslii // Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies and computer systems № 1/2 (91), Engineering technological systems, 2018. – P. 68-75.
  3. Research into energy characteristics of single-phase active four-quadrant rectifiers modulation / Plakhtii O., Nerubatskyi V., Karpenko N., Hordiienko D., Butova O., Khoruzhevskyi H. // Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 2019. – 5, No.8 (101). – P. 36-44.
  4. Studying a voltage stabilization algorithm in the cells of a modular six-level inverter / Plakhtii O., Nerubatskyi V., Karpenko N., Ananieva O., Khoruzhevskyi H., Kavun V. // Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 2019. – 6, No.8 (102). – P. 19-27.
  5. Khomenko I., Piskurevy M., Plakhtii O., Stasiuk I., Karpenko N., Nerubatskyi V. Theoretical and practical studies of electrical systems operation modes at reactive power compensation. 2020 IEEE 4th International Conference on Intelligent Energy and Power Systems (IEPS). – P. 92-97. DOI: 10.1109/IEPS51250.2020.9263225.
  6. Karpenko N.P. Development of traction power switchgear equipment. Part 1 / S.I. Yatsko, Ya.V. Vashchenko, V.V. Panchenko // Collection of scientific works of UkrDUZT. – Kharkiv: UkrDUZT, 2017. – Issue 172. – P. 37- 48.
  7. Nerubatsky V.P. Analysis of energy processes in a seven-level autonomous voltage inverter with different modulation algorithms / Plakhtiy O.A., Karpenko N.P., Gordienko D.A., Tsybulnyk V.R. // Information and control systems for railway transport. – 2019. – №5. – P. 8-18.

Educational and methodical developments:

  1. Karpenko N.P. Methodical instructions «Calculation of three-phase power oil transformer» for the course work on the subject «Electric machines» for bachelors in the direction of training 6.050702 «Electromechanics» full-time and part-time education. – Kharkiv: UkrDUZT, 2014. – 50
  2. Karpenko N.P. Laboratory workshop on the subject «Electric Machines». – Kharkiv: UkrDAZT, 2014. – 58 p.
  3. Karpenko N.P. Methodical instructions for performance of control work on discipline «Electric cars» for bachelors of a direction of preparation 6.050702 «Electromechanics» of a correspondence form of training. – Kharkiv: UkrDUZT, 2015. – 16
  4. Karpenko N.P., Nerubatsky V.P. Methodical instructions for conducting practical classes in the discipline «Technology of production of electrical equipment EMF». – Kharkiv: UkrDUZT, 2016. –74
  5. KarpenkoN.P., Davydenko M.G., Ananieva O.M., Sushko D.L., Babayev M.M. Methodical instructions for performance of control work on discipline «Traction electric cars» for masters of a specialty «Electric power, electric engineering and electromechanics» according to the educational program «Electric transport» of correspondence form of education. – Kharkiv: UkrDUZT, 2018. – 22 p.
  6. KarpenkoN.P., Davydenko M.G., Ananieva O.M., Sushko D.L., Babayev M.M. Calculation of DC traction motor. Methodical instructions for the course work in the discipline «Electric Machines» for bachelors majoring in «Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics» educational program «Electric Transport» and specialty «Railway Transport» educational program «Electric locomotives and electric trains» full-time and part-time. – Kharkiv: UkrDUZT, 2019. – 38
  7. PanchenkoS.V., Ananieva O.M., Babayev M.M., Davydenko M.G., Blindyuk V.S., Karpenko N.P. Theory of electric and magnetic circuits: textbook. – Kharkiv: UkrDUZT, 2020. – 246

The main subjects that teaches are:

NumberDisciplineEducation Program/Higher Education Level
1Electric machinesElectric locomotives and electric trains
2Methodology of engineering and scientific workPower supply and resource-saving technologies
3Production technologyElectric Transport
4Traction electric machinesElectric locomotives and electric trains