Department of Accounting and Auditing

Head of Department

Olena H. Kirdina

Head of Department of Accounting and Audit,Doctor of Economics, Professor

корпус 3, поверх 2, кабінет 212

The Department of Transportation Cost Estimates, which worked with full-time students, was established simultaneously with the organization of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics (now – Faculty of Economics) of the Kharkiv Operational and Mechanical Institute of Railway Engineers (now – UkrDUZT) on September 1, 1934. changed its name, but still trains highly qualified specialists at two levels of higher education: the first (bachelor’s) level and the second (master’s) level.

Direction of educational activity of the department: preparation of bachelors and masters of full-time and part-time (distance) form of education in the specialty 071 “Accounting and taxation” (field of knowledge 07 Management and administration)

Educational programs of the department:

  • Accounting, audit and taxation of commercial activity (bachelor / master)
  • TOP management in accounting and administration (bachelor)
  • Accounting, audit and taxation of banks and financial institutions (bachelor)
  • Accounting and Taxation (Bachelor / Master)
  • Accounting, Auditing and Taxation (Bachelor / Master)

Accounting is traditionally called the language of business, and accountant – one of the most popular specialties: in second place according to and in third place – in the top 5 on

The mission of the department is to create added value of human capital for graduates. In addition, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the department takes an active part in scientific activities and constantly improves their skills in practice, holding the positions of chief accountants, financial managers or developing their own consulting business.

Directions of scientific activity of the department: cost management and improvement of transportation cost, problematic issues of accounting and taxation, methodological bases of introduction of organization of accounting and tax management in modern economic conditions, introduction of international financial reporting standards in Ukraine, internal control in railway industry, digitalization audit of financial and economic activities and personnel, scientific support of the introduction of management accounting at the enterprises of Ukraine, including railway complex.