Faculty of «Economics»

The Faculty of Economics is one of the leading faculties at the university, where more than 3,500 students are studying today. It is ensured, on the one hand, by the significant demand of enterprises and institutions for specialists in this area, and on the other hand, by the great experience of academic staff with their high degree of professionalism and practical activity in modern conditions. The Faculty provides training for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies.

Mode of Study: full-time and part-time.

Training period:

  • Bachelor (full) – 3 year 10 months (full-time) / 4 year 10 months (part-time)
  • Bachelor (reduced) – 2 year 10 months (full-time) / 3 year 10 months (part-time)
  • Master – 1 year 4 months.

The Faculty trains high-qualified specialists in the following specialties:

  • 051 Economics
  • 071 Accounting and taxation
  • 072 Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • 073 Management
  • 075 Marketing
  • 076 Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities
  • 281 Public Administration

The main task of economic education is the use of economic knowledge to form a creative personality, improve the quality of Ukrainian people`s life and the gradual development of society as a whole. The development of economic education is the intensive accumulation of socio-economic knowledge. Their use after optimization is the main potential of unlimited resources for the development of Ukrainian society and socially oriented economy.

Economic education forms the students` economic thinking and awareness to educate reasonable needs, develops their abilities in a certain type of activity, provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills to specialists in the culture of work, teaches to master the basics in the scientific organization of labor in market conditions, forms the students’ desire and need for improving the results of their work in educational and socially useful activities.

The economist is one of the most important specialists in the enterprise. It sets the vector of movement of all employees in the company. If you have decided that an economist is your future profession, but you still do not know which field of economics to choose, we will help you!

University graduates have the opportunity to work in transport companies, state institutions, investment and insurance companies, banks, research institutes, departments of industry, trade, construction, small and medium-sized businesses engaged in marketing, foreign economic, analytical and other activities.

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