The Department «Economics and Management of Production and Commercial Business» (EMPCB)

Head of the Department

Volodymyr Dykan

Head of the Department, Dr. Sci. Econ., Professor

Building 3, floor 5, office 500

The Department of Economics and Management of Production and Commercial Business was founded on February 14, 2001 and is a leader in training highly qualified specialists, which are so needed by our domestic enterprises.


Today the department “EMPCB” produces:

bachelors by specialties:

 masters by specialties:

doctors of philosophy in specialty 051 Economics, branches of knowledge 05 Social and behavioral sciences.

Our graduates have a wide range of applications of their knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • in the production activities of enterprises of any sector of the economy (industry, transport, agriculture, trade, services, etc.);
  • in entrepreneurship, large, medium and small business;
  • in trade and exchange activities;
  • in scientific and design activities of technology parks, research institutes, design bureaus, etc .;
  • in the management activities of enterprises and state self-government bodies (local authorities, city and regional administrations, etc.);
  • in educational activities (graduate students, teachers, candidates and doctors of sciences, associate professors and professors of economics).


No need to chase money through cunning, theft, deception and envy. You need to get a good knowledge of Economics and Entrepreneurship, create your own business and money will put you to sleep.