Department of Mechanics and Machine Design

Field of scientific activity: genetics of technical systems, design of new generation transport equipment.

List of main disciplines

The department teaches the following disciplines:

  1. Theoretical mechanics;
  2. Theory of mechanisms and machines;
  3. Applied mechanics;
  4. Technical mechanics;
  5. Basics of design automation;
  6. Details of machines;
  7. Details of machines and the basics of construction;
  8. Metrology, standardization and technical measurements;
  9. Metrology and standardization.


Disciplines are teaching for students of the faculties: «Mechanical and energy», «Construction», «Transportation process management», for specialties:

  1. Railway transport;
  2. Electric power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics;
  3. Metrology and information-measuring technology;
  4. Thermal energy;
  5. Industrial engineering;
  6. Applied mechanics;
  7. Construction and civil engineering;
  8. Civil security;
  9. Transport technologies (on railway transport).


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