Department of Railway Tracks and Transport Facilities

Head of the department

Andrii A. Plugin

Head of the Department, DSc (CE), Professor

The department is a profiled and graduating department by 273 specialty “Railway transport”, education programs “Railway structures and track facilities” and “Track complex of railways, urban and industrial transport management“.

RRTS department educational programs presentation.

The scientific activity of the department now lies in the following main areas:

  • Track and the rolling stock interaction, under special non-public track conditions;
  • Increase of seamless track’s efficiency and expansion;
  • Determining of upper structure element’s life cycle and their reuse system improvement;
  • Track management system operation improvement;
  • Resource-saving technologies in track management system;
  • Normative and technical documentation development for the track management system of Ukrainian railroads;
  • Participation in state programs to implement high-speed traffic on the railways if Ukraine;
  • Development of theoretical and experimental bases of composition, structure, properties, destruction, corrosion, durability, technology of concrete and reinforced concrete, restoration of operating properties and protection of railway track structure, constructions, buildings.