Department of Information Technology

Head of the Department

Anatolii Kargin

Head of the Department, Dr.Sci.Tech., Professor

building 2, floor2, room 201

The Department of Information Technologies was established in 2016 on the initiative of the rector of the university professor Sergii Panchenko. The head of the department was proposed to the professor of the Donetsk National University (at that time, dean of the Faculty of Physics and Technology of the DonNU, Vinnitsa), Anatolii Kargin, who was subsequently elected on the competition for the position of head of the department.

Scientific activity direction of the Department: Intelligent information technologies, artificial intelligence technologies, intelligent machines and Internet of Things (IoT).

Following the development trends and prospects of information technology, future needs for IT specialists, the department, being a graduate, was one of the first in Ukraine to train specialists (bachelors, masters and PhD) in a new specialty 126 “Information systems and technologies” in educational programs “Artificial Intelligence Technologies”. This decision is based on the following: the staff of the new department combines the experience and professionalism of faculty who came to the department from other universities with a long tradition of training IT professionals, with the energy and enthusiasm of young teachers, graduate students and graduates – UkrSURT.