Mykhailo Babaiev

Position: Head of department

Science degree, academic title: Doctor of Technical Sciences

Year of birth: 1949


In 1972 he graduated from the Kharkiv Institute of Railway Engineers with a degree in Automation, Telemechanics and Communications in Railway Transport.
Candidate of Technical Sciences since 1983. He defended his dissertation at the Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, majoring in “Electrical Machines”.
Thesis: “High-frequency methods of controlling the parameters of induction motors”. He defended his dissertation at the Kharkiv State Academy of Railway Transport, majoring in “Operation of railway transport.”
Thesis: “Methodology of information support of freight and passenger transportation based on automation of recognition of moving objects of railway transport.” The academic title of Professor of Electrical Engineering and Electrical Machines was awarded in 2003.

Scientific activity direction:

automated control systems for railway transport. Full member of the Transport Academy of Ukraine. Member of specialized scientific councils D64.820.01 and D64.820.04. Prepared one doctor and 6 candidates of science.
Head of research: “Theoretical foundations of the coordinate system for determining the location of the train on the railway section” (state registration number 0106U00411), “Research and development of methods of automated control of railway rolling stock” (state registration number 0110U002132).


Author of more than 240 scientific papers. As part of educational and methodical work, he has published more than 70 scientific-methodical and educational-methodical developments, more than 80 copyright certificates and patents for inventions, eight textbooks and one study guide work.

Awards and diplomas:

Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Scientific Society. Shevchenko (Vol. 2) (2003);
Awarded the badge “Honorary Worker of Transport of Ukraine” of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Ukraine (2005);
Awarded the badge “Honorary Award” of the Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport {2009};
Marked with the badge “For promoting the development of the South-Western Railway” of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine, State Administration of Railway Transport of Ukraine South-Western Railway (2011); (2015);
Diploma from the regional branch of Lviv Railway (2017);
Diploma from the Transport Academy of Ukraine (2017);
Awarded the badge “Excellence in Education” of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2019);
Acknowledgment from the Department of Electrification and Electricity Supply of Ukrzaliznytsia (2019);
Letter of thanks from the Department of Science and Education of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (2019).”

Featured publications:

1. Building an ontological information-analytical system to manage quality of doubleglazed windows in the production of solar panels / A. Sobchak, S. Mykhalkiv, M. Babaiev, E. Zinchenko, O. Ananieva, N. Kovshar. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. 2020. Vol. 6, Issue 3 (108). P. 60–69. doi:
2. Ananieva O. Babaiev , Blyndiuk V., Davidenko M. Improving and Interference Immunity of Railway Transport Control Systems. ICTE in Transportation and Logistics 2019. E. Ginters et al. (Eds.) Springer Nature Switzerland AG. 2020. P. 287-294. doi:https://doi. org/10. 1007/978-3-030-39688-6_36.
3. Development of a device for the optimal reception of signals against the background of an additive three-component interference / O. Ananieva, M. Babaiev, V. Blyndiuk, M. Davidenko. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. 2019. Vol. 2, Issue 9 (98). P. 6–13. doi:
4. Saiapina Inna, Babaiev Mykhailo, and Аnanіevа Olha. Reducing noise influence on an audio frequency track circuit. MATEC Web of Conferences 294, 03015 (2019) EOT-2019. P. 1-6. URL :
5. Quality assessment of control over the traction valve-inductor drive of a hybrid diesel locomotive / S. Buriakovskyi, M. Babaiev, B. Liubarskyi, Аr. Maslii, N. Karpenko, D. Pomazan, An. Maslii, I. Denis Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. No. 1/2 (91), 2018. P. 68 – 75.
6. Design of a device for optimal reception of signals against the background of a two-component Markov interference / O. Ananieva, M. Babaiev, V. Blyndiuk, M. Davidenko. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. 2017. Vol. 6, Issue 9 (90). P. 4–9. doi:
7. Теорія електричних і магнітних кіл : підручник / С. В. Панченко, О. М. Ананьєва, М. М. Бабаєв, В. С. Блиндюк, М. Г. Давиденко, Н. П. Карпенко. Харків : УкрДУЗТ, 2020. 246 с.
8. Конструкція та динаміка електричного рухомого складу: підручник / C. В. Панченко, М. М. Бабаєв, В. С. Блиндюк та ін. Харків : УкрДУЗТ, 2018. Ч. 1. 280 с.
9. Електротехніка та електромеханіка систем залізничної автоматики : підручник / М. М. Бабаєв, М. Г. Давиденко, Г. І. Загарій та ін. Харків : УкрДАЗТ, 2011. 608 с.
10. Ананьєва О. М., Бабаєв М. М., Блиндюк В. С., Давиденко М. Г. Математична модель суміші сигналу та багатокомпонентної завади на вході колійних пристроїв тональних рейкових кіл. Інформаційно-керуючі системи на залізничному транспорті. 2020. № 2. С. 3-7.

The main subjects that teaches are:

NumberDisciplineEducation Program/Higher Education Level
1Electrical engineering and electrical machinesAutomation and computer-integrated technologies
2Electrical engineering and electrical machinesOrganisation of control system of train traffic
3Theory of electric driveElectric locomotives and electric trains