The Department of Physical Education and Sports was founded in 1935.

Focus area of Physical Education and Sports Department lies among student youth. The latest theoretical, methodological and practical support of the educational and training process in the Higher Education Institution provides harmonious development, health care, promotes a healthy lifestyle of students.

Work objective of the department is successive formation of physical culture in students as system personal qualities, an integral component of the general culture of the future specialist, capable of its implementation in educational, social and professional activities and family.

The department employs the experienced coachers-instructors, Masters of Sports of International Grade, Masters of various sports, who share their experience with students. In the arsenal of achievements of students-sport performers are Honoured Masters of Sports of Ukraine, Masters of Sports of Ukraine, Candidate Masters of Sports of Ukraine in various sports.

The department has a modern sports base, where students have the opportunity to choose the direction of sports activities and develop and improve physical qualities under assistance of experienced teachers-coachers to enter the sports arena of local, regional, nation-wide competitions.

The department has sports classes in sporting aerobics and cheerleading, chess and checkers, football, volleyball, basketball, rhythmic gymnastics, table tennis, badminton, powerlifting, track and field athletics, there is a cycling club ” UkrSURT”.