Department of Philosophy and Sociology

Philosophy and Sociology Department was founded in 1936. The first head of purely philosophical department was Ya.I. Kaufman.

Currently, the department is headed by Acting Head of the Department, associate professor Tolstov I.V.

Now the department consists of 10 employees: 2 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer, 2 educational support staff.

The department teaches 8 disciplines: “Philosophy”, “Philosophy of Science”, “Philosophical Problems of Modernity”, “Philosophy and Sociology”, “Psychology”, “Psychology and Sociology”, “Psychology of Business Communication”, “Sociology”.

The department is not a graduate chair, but its disciplines are studied by students of all specialties in all faculties of the university. Teaching disciplines at current levels is impossible without constant updating of educational and methodological base. In recent years, the department has updated and unified educational and methodical support in all disciplines. Textbooks on philosophy, psychology, sociology, psychology of business communication, compendium of lectures and practical courses have been published.

Specialists of the department are fruitfully engaged in research work.

The department maintains close creative contacts with related departments of universities in Ukraine and other countries.